365 Days (Almost) of Filo Photos

It has been a year now since I started doing the Filo (or Planner) Photo of the Day challenge.  I never thought I’d make it through a year.  I figured I’d give up somewhere along the way.

I have to say that I have loved doing this.  Following a daily photo challenge not only gives me an opportunity to be creative throughout the day, it has also forced me to look at the world differently: each day, each time I go outside, or even if I’m inside, I am given the chance to look at the world through the camera lens (or at least the camera lens of an iPhone).  Everywhere I look, I am now looking for that golden photo opportunity.

I have seen so many in a year.  And it has started a new hobby.

I am by no means a professional photographer, or even a good photographer.  I am mediocre at best.  I am lucky to get the shot at all, really.  But the point (for me) isn’t so much the shot of a lifetime, as it is looking at the world in a new way and being creative while doing it.  I try my best to capture what I’m going for; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  But what matters is that I’ve had fun along the way.

I have done more photos than the Photo of the Day shots.  But since it was the Filo Photo challenges that started this, I figured now would be a good time to highlight my favorites from the past year.  They are posted by month and include credit to the person/group/blog who created the monthly list.  Above each photo is the date and topic of the day.

If you would like to follow my daily photo posts, you can request to follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram or follow me on Flickr.  The links are listed at the left.  (I have both Twitter and Instagram accounts set to request in order to keep out the spammers.)

October 2013 – A Bowl Full of Lemons blog

Day 1 – In Your Bag

Day 15 – Planner Collection

Day 24 – Where It Lives

November 2013 – Bowl Full of Lemons blog

Day 9 – Apples

Day 27 – Gobble Gobble

December 2013 – Gillio Facebook Group

Day 15 – Lights

Day 30 – Precious

January 2014 – Gillio Facebook Group

Day 10 – From Below

Day 17 – Stunning

Day 22 – X Marks the…

 I’m not sure how I referred to the topic with this picture, but Winston seems to be enamored with Carie Harling’s video.

Day 23 – Never

 I think I made mention to how, when I’m home, Winston is never not by my side.

February 2014 – Gillio Facebook Group

Day 1 – Vintage

Day 11 – I Wore

March 2014 – Gillio Facebook Group

Day 19 – Music

 Dierks Bentley’s album Riser is one of my favorites this year.  Plus, his concert was one of the best I’ve been to.

Day 24 – Confession

 Last winter I started watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I had a big crush on George.  I miss George.

Day 27 – Far Far Away

 “In a land far, far away…”

April 2014 – Yay for Fridays blog

Day 1 – No. 1

 A note from my number one.  Aww.  :)

Day 8 – Spinal

Day 9 – Upside Down

Day 22 – Starts With a B

May 2014 – Gillio Facebook Group

Day 10 – In the Card Slots

Day 21 – Selfie

 A very, very rare selfie of me.

Day 22 – Official

Day 24 – Not Again

 Not again…another nap for these two.

Day 31 – So Very…

 So very…me.  A birthday gift from my mom.

June 2014 – Gillio Facebook Group

Day 6 – View

Day 10 – Beam Me Up

Day 21 – Please the Crowd

 This is a shot of Josh’s Van der Spek binder at the 6th New York City Philofaxy meet up.

Day 29 – Party

 The mini planner stack at the mini, mini New Hampshire meet up with Zoe.

Day 30 – Choices

 Oh, so many choices when it comes to Vermont cheese!

July 2014 – Yay for Fridays blog

Day 5 – Scheduled

 The day we were scheduled to leave our annual Vermont vacation.

Day 15 – Huge

 Lady Godiva’s rings compared to a compact binder

Day 22 – Plannerd

Day 25 – Something Orange

 Not exactly orange, but close to it is my “Ray”dori.

August 2014 – Mulberry Appreciation Facebook Group

Day 13 – In My Bag

 I absolutely adore this Dooney & Bourke bag.

Day 16 – Makes My Day

 I bought this little red bowl to corral our remote controls.  It matches the living room perfectly.

Day 20 – Starts with M

 Mom’s house.

Day 21 – Flower Power

 Zinnia that we planted in the front.

Here is where I start to fade.  For September 2014, I decided to do my own photos.  I captured whatever I felt like during the day and called it my photo of the day.  None of the ones below are planner-related.

Photo 1 - Sunrise

Photo 2 – Battery Candles

Photo 3 – Battery Lanterns by my sidewalk

Photo 4 – Some say that Starbucks is bad (not me)…

Photo 5 & 6 – An evening with friends

 (I’m not advocating drinking with these photos; I merely like the photos.)

October 2014 – Mrs. Brimbles blog
In October, I decided to go back to following an official Planner Photo of the Day because I missed doing photos of my planner.  However, in the end I didn’t always include my planner, nor did I do a photo each day.

Day 13 – What Autumn Means to Me

 Google “Autumn in Vermont,” click on Images, and you’ll see what autumn means to me:
Nature at its most beautiful!

There you have it, one year (almost) of Filo Photos.  Going forward, I would like to continue with these daily photo challenges, and I would like to include my planner in as many of them as I can manage.  Any thing else would be extras.

Stay tuned for more Photo of the Day updates.


  1. Amazing! I took part in the iphone-a-day photo challenge many years ago and only lasted 3 months. So going strong the whole year is an achievement!

    1. I am surprised (and happy) that I kept up with it. I tried other challenges and they were too much to keep up with. But I love doing the POTD. It's an easy way to keep in touch daily with other Filo users.


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