Things I Love: Fall Switchovers (With a Bit of Reluctance)

It’s no secret that I love fall.  But even though I love it, I’m hesitant to head towards it this year.  We had such a hard, cold, snowy, long winter last year that I wouldn’t be sad if I didn’t see any of it for another three years.  Plus, the summer was not all that hot this year—we had perfect weather (sunny and high-70s/low-80s most days) but it’s not the norm.  Usually we have several days (if not weeks) where the temperature reaches over 90 degrees.  So usually, by the time September rolls around, I am ready and looking forward to the cool, crisp days ahead.  But not this year.

To be fair, it’s not fall that I’m not looking forward to; it’s the cold, dark days that follow.  January through March is tough for me.  I’d be happy if our winter lasted from December through the end of January and we’d go right into spring.  But that’s not the climate in which I live.

With all of this said, I finally decided that life is too short to worry about what has yet to happen, especially with something as small and out of my control as the weather is.  So rather than dread the inevitable winter that follows, I decided to enjoy the fall as I usually do.  I’ll worry about winter when winter arrives.

Last weekend I did my fall switchover in the house and my daily-carry accessories.  Here’s a little peek into my fall decorating and organizing.

First, let me say that we have a small house and no place to store extra household decorations, so my “decorating” is simple and limited.

First, we have the master bedroom.  We switched out our summer bedspread (white)…

…to one that’s tan/khaki.

It is difficult to see the difference in these photos, but trust me when I say it makes a big difference in the room.

I switched out my summer tablecloth and candles…

…to my fall tablecloth and candles.

The kitchen (decorative) towel was switched from the watermelon…

…to the fall leaves.

(Don’t mind the ratty dishtowel next to it—those need to be replaced.)

Come the first of October, this will be switched again for my Halloween towel.

Our coffee table centerpiece was also switched out:

Even Winston’s food mat gets switched out to match.

The front door wreath gets an update.

My bags also get the old switcheroo.  We go from my summer workbag (Dooney & Bourke) to my fall workbag (Kate Spade)…

…my summer “occasion” bag (what I use when I go out for dinner or to a friend’s house, etc.) to my fall “occasion” bag (both Coach)…

…and my casual summer bag (for things like errands or general running around) to my casual fall bag (both LeSportsac).

Randomly I will also use my Timbuk2 Bonita tote during the summer.

This has been retired until next year.

Yes, as many bags as I own, I do switch through three during any given week.  It’s the only way for me to actually use all of the bags I have in my possession, though.  Thankfully, my bag organizer helps with switching so often.

Finally, I have switched planners—I went from the more summer feel of Lady Godiva back to the deep fall purple hue of Ms. Plum.

I loved using the personal patent Nude Original, and although it was great to carry several (summer) months’ worth of inserts, I am very glad to be back in the svelte slimness of the compact Osterley.  I will bring out Lady Godiva again next summer, as she was a great change from the rest of the year.

The next switch will come in December, after fall has lost its color and we are staring into the face of the holidays and winter beyond.

I’m still not looking forward to the winter but at least I have a small (planner) project in the works to keep me from letting the cold and dark drown my spirits.

But that’s another post for another day…


  1. I love the change from Summer to Fall! I have only changed my work bag over so far - from my pink Filofax Finchley tote to... this year, my cranberry patent leather Coach tote (I decided it was time to start using it!). I'm planning on doing some decorating this weekend. We have everything stored in two Fall and Halloween boxes, so it's just a matter of doing the old switcheroo! Yay for Fall!

    1. Ooo, sounds like you have a fun weekend planned, with all of the fall goodness! :)

    2. You better believe it! I've got some new things to add this year too! :)

  2. We don't have a real fall in Louisiana, but I switch bags anyway.

  3. Any excuse for switching bags and/or getting new ones is good. :)


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