2014 System Revamp: Odds & Ends, Keepsakes, and Maps

This week’s post in my 2014 System Revamp series highlights some miscellaneous items.

First, we have the Odds & Ends binder.  For this I am using my personal Richmond, which was gifted to me by a friend a while back.

I don’t know what year this binder is from, but I can tell you that my friend used it for several years for work.  It’s a great binder but not one that I’ve used as my personal daily binder.  So it is being used to hold random bits and bobs that I sometimes use.

Here is the binder open:

On the left I have a Flex jot pad.  The first thing you see on the right is a Franklin Covey page marker (I haven’t used this yet, but I might implement this into my daily planner) and all of the Filofax Today markers I have received when placing an order.  (To my surprise, they often come in handy, though clearly I don’t need as many as I have.)

Next is a zipped envelope, which holds random tabs that I’ve used in the past. 

I haven’t used these tabs in a long time, but I didn’t want to get rid of them, just in case I should want to use them again.

After that I have a DayTimer envelope, which contains a template to use when I cut out photos for my tabs.

You can read more about how I use the template here.

Then, you can see all of the random tabs I have.

I have used A-Z tab sets to create tabs for my various binders.  So this is where I keep the tabs that were once a part of a full set.  When I need a random tab for something, this is where I pull them from.

I do still have a few complete sets of the A-Z tabs as well, just in case I need those.

Just for reference purposes, here is the back of the Richmond binder:

Next, we have my Keepsakes binder.  For this I’m currently using my compact Calipso.

I may not always use this binder for this purpose, but for now, this is where I’m keeping this material.  Basically, the purpose of this binder is to house all of the random notes and cards I get from my readers (it isn’t much, but whatever I do get, I keep here).

And, yes, everything can be organized!

Here is a random sampling of what’s in my Keepsakes binder:

For now I also have postcards that I’ve collected from Vermont.

In the future, I hope to create a Vermont binder where I would keep anything Vermont-related (such as these postcards) as well as lists of places to visit, places we’ve been, places we love, etc.  I have to think about what might be incorporated into this binder, so for now I’ll just keep the postcards here and move them when my Vermont binder is all set.

At the back of the Keepsakes binder I have a cardboard divider, just to keep the last items from getting bent by the rings.

Finally, there is my Map binder.  For this I’m using the slimline Classic/Cross.

This was one of the first binders I bought, and I absolutely love it.  Sadly, I was not able to use it for more than a day due to the tiny ring size.  Also, it doesn’t lay flat, which is a must for me.  So this is a good second use.

I have collected a few Filofax maps along the way, so this is where I keep them.

I don’t really use these maps too often.  I have in the past, but now with my iPhone, I find it’s much easier and quicker to use an app for finding my way.  But they are great to have, both for collection purposes and just in case I should ever need to use them.

Next week’s post will be the last in the series, and probably the one some of you have been waiting for…


  1. i love how you are using your old binders, not just letting them collect dust!! I just treated myself to a Metropol A5 filofax, and am very excited about it.. i can just see myself collecting many many binders.. so i am glad that there are ways to use them even if they are no long everyday ones!

    1. Thank you! I do like to come up with new uses for binders that I don't use everyday. It's god because not only do I have extra binders, but I also needed a lace to store extra inserts -- win win! It's the other binders I need to come up with uses for. Most of my compacts don't have a second use, but I swicth those out as my daily binder throughout the year, so they do get used.

  2. I never have any extra binders, but I love the maps one. I think I'm going to put a couple of US maps in mine and start tracking which states my kids visit.


    1. That's a great idea. It's always great to find a new use for your planner. :)


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