November Daily Photos

I’ve managed to complete my second month of daily photo challenges.  (You can see a summary of October here.)  I never thought I’d make it this far, let alone want to keep going.  I’ve become a bit addicted. 

While I have not seen any official planner daily photo challenges posted anywhere, I have found two, thanks to some recommendations on Facebook.  First, there’s a Christmas photo challenge from White Peach Blog.  Then there’s the December photo challenge from Fatmumslim.  Both sound great, I have to say.  But I wonder how much of these I can do since (from what I can tell) they aren’t geared specifically towards planners.

But why can’t I make them specifically for planners?  There’s no rule (as far as I know) as to how you complete your photo challenges.  I have to say that White Peach’s Christmas challenge is just that—a challenge.  I’m not sure how many of these I can complete where my planner is concerned.  But I wouldn’t let that stop me.

What might stop me is the fact that both of these challenges aren’t for planners specifically.  That’s okay, but I feel that I have to credit to the creators of each challenge, which means adding hastags to my photos.  They will be searchable within those hastags, and while I don’t care what others think of my planner addiction, it’s not as fun when my photos aren’t seen by other planner aficionados. 

So…  this might be a good opportunity for me to create my own.  Rather than wrack my brain to come up with 31 topics all at once, I might make them up as I go.  That would be more of a challenge.  Hopefully a planner-specific challenge list will appear soon.  In the meantime, I’ll try to snap photos as I see fit based on the day.  We’ll see how that goes.

In any event, here are my favorites from November:

Day 1: Brown

Day 4: planners galore

Day 9: apples

Day 15: at the table

Day 25: cozy

Day 27: gobble, gobble - I gobble up eggnog, a favorite

Day 28: thankful - I am thankful for everyone in my life, but especially for
my husband who chooses to stay with me every day

*UPDATE: The Gillio Facebook group has created their own version of a December photo challenge based on the Fatmumslim list above.  I will be following that list.  I do not own a Gillio (yet) so I will use the hashtag #FiloInDecember.