T2 Yoga Bag: A Product Review

This post is long overdue.  I bought this bag last fall, October to be precise.  I meant to do a post then, but life gets in the way and other, more pressing topics came up.  So without further ado, here is a product review nine months in the making.

I had been searching for a yoga bag for a while.  I had been using Timbuk2’s Scrunchie tote for this purpose, which worked well.  (You can read my review of this bag that I posted to the Bagsey blog.)  So the question is, if this bag worked so well, why did I switch?

Because of a new T2 yoga bag (for some reason, it looks like the bag itself is no longer available, but it’s the bag the girl in the picture is using).  While the Scrunchie held my yoga mat beautifully, it was a little too big for what I actually carried.  This yoga bag allows me to carry my yoga supplies as well as my mat without leaving me with a ton of room leftover.  With the Scrunchie, you almost need to fill the bag in order for it to hold the mat correctly.  I now use the Scrunchie bag to carry my yoga clothes (or any change of clothes I might need, for any reason) since I attend class after work.

Let’s take a detailed look at the new yoga bag (sorry, I don’t have the original name for it).

The gray fabric is soothing to the eye, which is nice when you’re trying to be Zen.  The bag is long so it can fully support the length of a yoga mat.

It also features a small exterior pocket, perfect for holding my iPhone (which is always respectfully turned off during class).

The interior of the bag is a bright blue, which compliments the gray nicely.  There are two flaps at the top (which close with a snap buckle) that secures the mat.

The mat sits on top of the zippered main part of the bag—all of your items are secured nicely inside while the mat sits on top of the bag and is held tight with the buckle.

There is a lot of room inside the bag.

Looking closely, we can see two interior pockets.

This is good for keeping an array of items, though I tend to keep my Yoga Paws and eye pillow (see below) in these pockets.

Also inside is a separate mesh water bottle pocket.

I love this idea, though I confess I don’t use it, mainly because getting to it with all of my supplies inside isn’t easy.  But it’s there should I ever need it.

The bag carries a ton of stuff, just about everything you would need for yoga class.  This is everything I carry:

In detail we have:

These are portable mats that you wear on your hands and feet.  They make it easy to do yoga without having to use a mat.  They are great for travel.  I don’t necessarily use these during a class, but I like to have all of my yoga supplies together, so I keep them in the bag.  Plus, you never know when you might need them.

Yoga Blocks

This is a prop used to help beginning and intermediate students do certain poses.  One doesn’t want to make muscles do something that cannot do, but the only way to get to a certain level is to work on the muscles.  These aid in allowing the student to do certain poses at a lower level, working up to the more advanced expression of the pose.

The blocks fit into the bag end to end.

They also fit next to each other, but I find putting them in the bag this way evens out the bag better.  And good balance is always a bonus!

I also carry a travel mat.

When traveling, I’m more apt to use the Yoga Paws, but I will often use this mat in class.  I have bad knees, and so when doing poses on the knees, having the extra padding is good.  So I use this mat on top of my regular mat for those poses.

I stack this on top of the blocks within the bag.

I also have included a towel, a strap (another prop for pose aid), and an eye pillow to use as needed.

These I put on top of the travel yoga mat.

Once zipped up, I can put my mat on top of the zipper.

I then secure it closed with the adjustable buckle.

And voilà!  I am set for yoga class!

I simply adore this bag.  It holds everything I need and is small enough that I don’t need to pack it to the gills in order for it to stand correctly.  I love Timbuk2’s products, and this purchase is one of my favorites.

*Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies or products mentioned above.


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    1. Thanks! I haven't heard if jute bags, but I'll have to check them out.


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