Out With the (C)Old and In With the New

Since it is now officially spring and the weather is acting accordingly (at least for now) in New York, I’ve decided it’s time to switch out my black Kendal Filo for the more spring-like Jade Finchley. While I’ll still be using my black Slimline for anything on-the-go, the Finchley will act as the at-home “mother ship.”

I love the Finchley (though I love all of my planners and have a use for each one). The leather is soft and smells wonderful. The jade color is perfect for spring – not too bright, not too washed out. Like the warmer weather, the budding flora and emerging fauna, the change in planner brings with it the hope of all things spring and great things to come for the summer!

I feel like a new me is emerging as well.

Happy Spring!!!


  1. Happy Spring to you! I love my Mustard Finchley so much and happy I went w/ Mustard than black or brown. Being new to the A5, I've been keeping it at work during the week, but I feel like I need it to "commute" with me on a daily basis. I spent the first evening of Spring looking at some nice carryall bags - in Nordstroms ;-) to figure out what to use!

  2. I couldn't live without bringing my Slimline back and forth to work, although my work lists stay at work. Spring bag shopping is always fun too! I'm thinking of hitting the Coach outlet for a "summer" bag. ;)


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