Office Desk Reorganization [9 Months Later]

Yeah, so I started this post—well, I started taking picture for this post—back in June.  That would be June of 2013.  And now that we’re closer to June of 2014, I thought it would be a good time to finally get this post up.  You know how it is—you start with good intentions of posting something specific, but then other specific things take precedence.  So here we are 9 months later and we’re just getting around to it.  Ah well…

The last time I posted about my desk and office space was in 2012.  My space hadn’t changed that much but I bought an important addition, which made a new post necessary.  Of course, 9 months later, my iMac isn’t so much a “new” purchase but considering I never did post about it, now is as good a time as any.

Here’s what I started with:

I used to use a laptop, which mostly stayed on my desk.  In the beginning, it did travel upstairs and downstairs, but with the purchase of an iPad a few years ago, that no longer became necessary.  So the iPad is what I used anywhere, and the laptop stayed in the office for blogging and other writing purposes.

Buying an iMac made sense, as it would synch with both my iPhone and iPad.  Buying something that isn’t so portable was no longer an issue since the iPad takes care of the portability issue.  Getting the iMac made it necessary to revamp my entire workspace—I couldn’t have a new computer in an old space.  I started by removing everything from my desk, including the drawers, and started from scratch.

My temporary holding space:

The desk empty of all things:

Mr. Nosy:

After giving the desk a thorough cleaning, I started putting my items back on the desk, keeping the workspace as clean and simple as possible.

You can see I have some additional binders and notebooks.  In the corner, I keep my Health Notebook and my Happiness Binder.  In the top bin at the back, I keep my Household Binder, my journal, and my new Midori setup (more to come on this soon).

I also updated my office bookshelf a bit.

Our office is also our guest bedroom, though we use it more for office work than as a second bedroom.

But it’s a good thing we do have a bed in here, otherwise Winston would not have a cozy place to sleep while I work.  (He always camps out here while I’m working.)

This is probably my favorite place in the house.  The room offers one of my favorite colors (green; yellow is my all-time favorite color) and a lovely view.  Plus, it’s where I’m most creative, thanks to all of my Filo-related supplies.