2014 System Revamp: Dominos 3

For all of the planners I have, I have even more inserts that have yet to be used.  With every new planner purchase, you also get the diary pages and notepaper and specialty paper.  Since I can’t use all of these inserts at once, I keep them in the three personal Dominos I have.

The first is the black Domino.

This holds all of my colored notepaper.

I have taken A-Z tabs that I am not using and labeled them with the color names I have.

When creating this storage binder, I was very specific about the order I wanted the colors to be in once they were placed in the binder.  The reason is:

It looks so pretty when it appears that one color leads to the next in line.  But that’s just my OCD talking.

Next is the red Domino.

Yes, it looks almost pink here in this photo, but I assure you it’s a cherry red.  This binder houses all of my specialty inserts.

Again, you can see that I’ve labeled old A-Z tabs for easy access to whatever insert I need.

It contains:
  • Blank notepaper:

  • Graph paper:

  • WWW sheets:

I don’t currently have a use for these, but I will probably use them as to do sheets when I run out of the official to do sheets.
  • Financial sheets, in two different formats:

The vertical list is my preference, but I don’t think Filofax sells them anymore.
  • Two types of To Do sheets:
    • Cotton Cream:

    • White:

Journal paper:

This paper was gifted to me by a reader, but I believe they came from the Filofax France website.  I call it journal paper because I use it to keep a running list of topics to journal about.


This is just plain white notepaper, some of which also lives in the notepaper binder.  I have so much of this paper that I couldn’t keep it all in one place.

Finally, there’s the chocolate Domino.

This is where I keep all of my extra tabs.

Some are the generic tabs that Filofax sends…

…and some are Filofax’s blank tabs that I enhanced myself.

Read more about these tabs here.

Read more about these tabs here.

Read more about these tabs here.

There are also the 6-tabbed monthly tabs (so, two rows of 6 tabs to make the 12 tabbed months).

These are okay, but I prefer my 12-tabbed monthly tabs, especially since I added my own enhancements.

I do still like photos on my tabs, as it adds a little something extra that is personal to me.  However, when starting on this 2014 revamp, I wanted to start clean.  So I used tabs that had nothing on them.  I am hoping to find more Vermont photos to add to my section tabs.  Of all of the tab creations I’ve tried, the Vermont photos are definitely my favorite because it speaks to me and to my love of all things Vermont.

Finally, I also have some used notepaper in the chocolate Domino.

Filofax notepaper is very expensive (for what you get).  I am determined to use every last bit of it before throwing the sheets away.  So if I’ve used a sheet for something and no longer need it, I will use whatever space remains on the sheet to track my finances for the month.  This is not a strict budget, more like a list of items I’ve put on my credit card each month and the amount for each.  This allows me to see how much I’ve charged and what my bill will be at the end of the cycle.  (This is also a great way to double check that my card isn’t being used for fraud purposes.)

That’s it for the Dominos 3.


  1. That rainbow of colored paper is amazing! OCD tendencies for the win!

  2. Ha ha, yes, in this case, my OCD has served me well. :)

  3. The colored paper order made me laugh. I always have to store colors in ROYGBIV order or it makes my eye twitch.

    1. Lol, I did think of that. But I have a few colors that are just a shade or two out of the official spectrum, so I thought this was a more apprioriate avenue, to allow for a flow of non-traditional hues. :)

  4. I have to agree. How else would you put colored paper if not in the ROYGBIV spectrum...then dark to light / light to dark! It's all very pretty - visually and organizationally! :)

    1. Right! There has to be a system, but it doesn't have to be the "normal" system, which is how I would usually do things. ;)


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