Finally! Tabbed Inserts for the Compact

After two different attempts (both of which failed for the same reason), I have finally found a way in which to decorate the tabbed dividers for my compact.  What I came up with is very similar to how I decorated my monthly tabs.

First, I found a small calendar with photos that I like.

These calendars are easy to use for this purpose—the paper is thin enough that it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the tabs, and the photographs are small enough that I can crop them to the size I need without losing too much of the original shot.

Using the same method of sizing, cutting, and gluing that I did for the monthly tabs, I created these:







The back of each tab is blank.  I did that because I tend to put sticky notes on the back of my dividers, and to do so on top of photographs makes the sticky adhesive linger on the photograph itself, as well as make it pointless to even have photographs on the back, since they would just be covered by the sticky notes anyway.

I wish I had found photographs that were more based on the individual tabs (like my first attempt).  But that would have taken a long time to find everything I wanted and possibly even too painstaking.  So I opted to go with non-divider-specific photographs instead.  I like all of the ones I chose, so it’s not a total loss.

I have tons of blog topics to write about in the upcoming weeks.  Included, one might find an update to my Happiness Binder; a review of and my experience with the follow-up to Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, Happier at Home; an additional bag review; and another reader giveaway to celebrate the holidays.

For 2013, I have even more ideas, which may include things like a reference binder (yes, I really will do this after months of talking about it), a travel filo, and updates on my entire planner and bag families (there may even be some new ones to discuss in 2013).  I’m also working on a few home-based projects which I look forward to sharing with you all once they are finished.  In regards to the blog (which goes hand-in-hand with my reference filo), I am working on a small project to organize my “Favorite Blogs” page.  The list has grown immeasurably since I started the list.  I feel like it’s out of control, and so I need to rein it in a little.  This will probably be one of those projects that will take a while to complete.  But rest assured that once it is, I will make mention of it, and I hope it becomes a nice reference for my readers.

I really hope that the next few weeks leading up to Christmas won’t keep me from getting to these posts.  I’m trying my best to carve out a little time each week to update the blog.  



  1. Lovely. And quite creative and orderly. It will be such a joy to see.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I often find myself turning to the tabs just to look at the photos when I need a little time out. :)


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