2011 Round-up

Because I’m not declaring any resolutions for this year, I thought I would do a blog round-up since its inception.  It’s fun for me (and perhaps you too) to look back on everything I’ve written about, as well as my statistics for the blog.  I hope you enjoy it.

Some statistics:

Some of my notable mentions (in no particular order):

So that’s my blog in a nutshell.  Thanks for another year of great blogging fun.  I hope this year will be just a great!


  1. Great post, and a great blog. May that continue in 2012!

  2. Philofaxy is responsible for a lot of things!

  3. Indeed, Steve! That Philofaxy is such a trouble maker. ;)

  4. Wow, I thought I commented on this already... I guess that was just in my head!

    Anyway, this is awesome! Your blog is so much fun to read, and it was especially fun to see what posts were most popular, etc. And of course I love that the NYC meet-up was one of your favorites :)

    Super excited for a post-filled 2012!

  5. Thanks, J. Doesn't life have a way with messing with us sometimes? ;) Of course NYC was one of the best days!


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