Random Things

I’m still (im)patiently waiting for my Franklin Covey inserts. In the meantime, here are a few random things floating around in my head:

1. I feel very discombobulated lately. I think this has something to do with the fact that my planner is in flux. I need to update some things and move some items around, but I don’t want to do that until the FC inserts arrive. I don’t want to spend the time reorganizing a Filofax just to reorganize it again when the new inserts arrive. I have no idea when they will get here, however. Usually, when one is traveling from Utah to New York, one does not do so by way of California. Whatever. I check the FedEx tracking link about 10 times a day. Nothing new. Ever. I have built up the power of these inserts so much that I will be ridiculously disappointed if they are not what I want them to be. But I’ll deal, mainly because all that means is that I’ll stick with the Filofax inserts, which I like well enough, so that’s not a big deal. But it’s the time wasted dreaming about how they will change my life and the money spent that I will have lost if they don’t work out. All I can do is wait and see, however.

2. I am gearing up for the New York City Philofaxy meet up. Two weeks to go, and we’ve pretty much decided on where we’ll meet, where we’ll shop, and where we’ll eat. There are a few people traveling by air and train to meet virtual strangers. J (The Crazy Life of J) will be tweeting the events of the day, so if you have a Twitter account, I highly recommend logging on for the afternoon. The planning of this event has gone pretty smoothly, though I still have to make dinner reservations. Also, I hope all public transportation runs smoothly that day so that we can all meet at the predetermined time. Outsiders might think this a funny thing to do, meet strangers just to look at and talk about planners. Maybe they’re right. And while I never thought I’d be someone who would become so attached to Facebook and Twitter, these two websites have become invaluable to me. They are how I connect with this wonderful group of people—I never thought I’d meet so many great individuals via the Internet. In the words of J herself, I too am amazed “that something as simple as a Filofax has sparked a worldwide connection. A connection between the genders. Between races. Between religions. A connection between strangers who have become friends.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

3. I am feeling so stressed lately. I’m very busy at work. I am very busy at home. And being busy is good—I thrive on having things to do. I don’t like being idle, though I do have to force myself to do just that once in a while. I become very cranky if I don’t get my down time. But that down time is becoming harder to come by. Most of it is my fault. I have a hard time saying no to people, so I constantly end up doing things I don’t really want to do because I feel guilty saying no, especially to certain people, and especially in certain situations. And half the time, these situations are my own fault, suggesting solutions without really thinking about what that will mean for me and my time. I’m definitely a people pleaser. Why I don’t know. It doesn’t really get me anywhere. I stress myself with all the things I have to do, pushing off things I want to do. I put too much pressure on myself to “get it all done.” The reality is that it just can’t be done and I need to accept that and be happy with what I can get done. Even when I try to say no or to slow down, it doesn’t really work because there’s “just this one last thing.” I really just need to pull the plug on doing things sometimes.

4. I’m not one for tattoos. I like them; I think they’re cool. But I’m also a big chicken and would never get one. However, I do know what I would get if I were to get one. I’d get a stack of books, the top one an open book, sitting on the rest. I would try to get the titles of my favorite books on each of the spines and maybe put a favorite quote in the top book. But that’s a lot of detail and that might mean a really big tattoo. Then I thought of a second tattoo the other night, something to do with Filofax and Philofaxy. Maybe a quote with all the Fs in the Filofax font. Maybe the name of my blog. I don’t have a clear idea of what it would be, but something to do with the Philofaxy world and all that has sprung from it. Then I thought, maybe everyone involved in this community should get the Filofax F to show solidarity of this exclusive group. Who’s in? (Just kidding, of course.)

Sorry for the rambling nature of this post. I just needed to let off some steam through writing—I didn’t get to it this weekend and it was itching to get out. I’m hoping (possibly beyond hope) that my FC inserts will arrive by the weekend and I will have something fun to write about by next week. In the meantime, you can revisit what was easily my favorite post to write (so far).


  1. heh heh. i can't wait to hear about the nyc meet up. where are y'all going? really wish i still lived there.

    when i was a senior in college my bestest studio mates and i road tripped to graceland (from south bend, in) after our senior comp shows. on the way back, we were going to get stylized elvis head tattoos - which would have been basically like a big comma. we stopped in indianapolis (funny enough) but the place in the phone book was closed. so much for solidarity tattoos. i like the book idea. it would be a really cool one to go up your spine - a tower of book spines up your spine - awesome! often i thought of getting another tattoo (i only have one - a gear on the inside of my ankle circling the bone) but then i thought i'd rather spend the money on a pair of boots or a new handbag (and now a new filofax!) but if i ever did, i'd like one up my spine for some reason... anyway, can't wait to hear about the fc inserts

  2. Thanks for quoting me! I really almost didn't write it because I thought it was too cliche!

    Ooh, and if you have tattoo questions, feel free to ask! I have three (very tastefully chosen and located) and know a thing or two about the process.

    I hope you are able to relax soon! Of course the Filofax Meet-up will be crazy, but fun!

  3. I loved the quote from J as well:
    “that something as simple as a Filofax has sparked a worldwide connection. A connection between the genders. Between races. Between religions. A connection between strangers who have become friends.”

    But I would also add 'between generations' too... as old as I am, in some cases I'm old enough to be the parent of some of our group of Filofax followers!!!

  4. oh right! i don't always think about age differences too much although i'm so jealous of those who bought winchesters when they first came out. i remember some of the older ones as i always wanted one but thought it to be too expensive at the time. even when i worked at kate's paperie in the early 90's with a discount and everything i thought they too expensive (breaking into my beer money) but i'm kinda remembering liking this pigskin one which was one of the most expensive ones at the time in the first place!

  5. FYI-Franklin Covey shipping takes ten days or more to arrive in our area. They are very slow.

  6. SNARLing - Plans are still being worked out but I think we will be having dinner at Alice's Tea Cup. We're definitely shopping at Sam Flax though. We all agreed that they have the best selection of Filo products. Great idea, about the tattoo. But I agree, I'd rather spend the money on a new handbag and/or Filo!

    J - Not cliche at all. And even if it is, it's true. So that makes it all good. I'll have to check out your tattoos (assuming they're in the proper paces) when we meet.

    Steve - I agree with the generation thing. Age doesn't matter here - we're all kids at heart when it comes to Filos!

  7. Savannah - They finally arrived! They did take a week and a day. Longer than I would have liked, but they're here, so that's all that matters.

  8. Got lucky! Maybe they are speeding up a bit? Hope you enjoy them!!!! I used this FC format successfully for quite some time in the past. If the Original is too slippery for you the designer pages offer more tooth.

  9. After one day, I am loving them. I have to tweak them a bit, which I will write about in my review. Can't wait to reveal how I'm using them!

  10. Kanalt I am sorry you are feeling overstretched. Maybe plan in me time in your Filofaxes and treat like a proper appointment so you don't plan over it?

    I loved J's quote as well. It is so apt. So many people have bonded over Filofaxes but we also share other parts of our lives with each other which makes it even more special.

    Hopefully your inserts will arrive soon!

    Totally loved your musings about tattoos. I would expect nothing else!

  11. Thanks, CP. The inserts have arrived and I am using them well. I hope to get a review and pictures posted this weekend.

    I do need to schedule more me time (or at least more relaxing time), but at the moment there is no time to even set aside. But fear not! I am headed out for a massage and a manicure this morning before my friend's wedding tonight. My husband has even so kindly offered to drive tonight so that I can "get drunk." He really does love me. ;)


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