Malden on Location: Bryant Park, NYC

As told from Mr. Malden’s perspective:

I had been cooped up in my house for several weeks. I was limited to doing community service work because of a little mishap that took place in Rhode Island. Finally, my confinement was lifted and I decided it was time get back out into the world. I didn’t want to travel too far—I didn’t need to find myself in more trouble. I wanted to get far enough away to make it feel like an adventure, but close enough to home where I couldn’t do much damage. So, I headed for New York City.

I boarded the train with much anticipation.

I spent the day wandering around the city. I was hoping to find some event to keep me occupied, but nothing struck my interest. I figured that maybe it was time to hang my hat up on adventure. Maybe I had gotten myself into too much trouble already. A life of leisure at home really wasn’t too bad.

I meandered along the city streets, and somehow, I found myself in Bryant Park, a beautiful place to sit, relax and reflect. I sat at a table, gazing at the fountain, thinking that my good days were behind me.

Then, I saw you.

You, too, were gazing at the fountain. I thought, Who on Earth is this lovely creature? It was too good to be true. You were a vision in red. No! Crimson. My heart beat widely. I so wanted to talk to you, but I was afraid that you would reject me, for I am nothing but a black heart. But somehow, I managed to get up the nerve to approach you. And I was delightfully surprised that you did not turn me away.

I introduced myself. You introduced yourself. And I knew from that very first moment that this was my adventure, something truly special. All those nights of bachelor parties and wild shenanigans were far behind me. I found what I had been looking for all of my life.
We moved to a table where we talked about anything and everything.

I opened up to you like I never had opened up to anyone before. It was like you could see right through to the very soul of me.

Eventually, we could no longer fight the attraction. We found ourselves in a bit of a predicament.

It was lucky that the police didn’t come and arrest us, though it would have been worth it. I would have given everything for that moment.

I thought for sure this was a turning point in my life. We would spend the rest of our days together.


You said that you were leaving. You were here only for short while, a vacation. You had to return to Chicago where you belonged. I was so crushed. I could barely speak. I had to turn away. I couldn’t let you see the tears in my eyes and the sting in my heart.

But you explained how things were, that your feelings for me were as strong as my feelings for you, that I would always hold a special place in your heart, that you would never forget me. You had touched me so deeply, how could I turn my back on you?
I decided that a little time with you was more than enough, that it was better than not meeting you at all. And I could visit you someday in Chicago. We could be together again someday.

We decided to make the most of our time together. I held your hand as we walked into the sunset.

You are a part of me now. We are one, if only in spirit.

We will always have New York.

Until I see you again, my Crimson, my love…

A big thanks to J and her Crimson Malden for playing along for another installment of “Malden on Location.”


  1. Oh you guys are killing me!!!! LOL! This is sooo cute, especially having the opportunity to read it from both perspectives! May they live happily ever after ...

    ("we'll always have New York" LOL)

  2. heh heh heh. you guys are tooooooo much. love it!

  3. Thanks guys! It was so much fun to do this. I roped J into helping me this go-round.

  4. This is awesome! Love the "predicament" photo...what a RIOT!!!!

  5. Excellent. Well done. Loved both tales!!!!


  6. Thanks everyone. The guys said that we were getting some strange looks, but it's all good - we had lots of fun.


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