Daily Photo Challenges

There are a lot of daily photo challenges on the Internet these days.  The idea is to follow a set of topics for each day of the month and take a photo having to do with that topic.  I’ve seen it done in many ways—post a photo to a blog, upload it to Flickr, tweet it, post it on Facebook.

I’ve been watching several of these daily posts for a while now and decided that I want to give it a whirl.  I don’t have enough time to post my photos to my blog everyday, but I am finding that posting them to Flickr works well for me.

To start off, I’m following A Bowl Full of Lemons’ daily October planner challenge.  Each day, I take a photo pertaining to the topic listed.  Then, I upload those photos to my Flickr page.  I’ve even created a separate set for any daily challenges that I may do in the future.

You can find daily photo challenges all over the Internet and many planner-specific challenges on many of the blogs surrounding planner love.  I hope I can continue to follow daily photo challenges, as I’m having fun with it.  It makes me look at my planner in new ways and in new environments.

Feel free to drop by my Flickr page and leave comments on my photos if the mood strikes you.