My Filofax Week: February 18 – 24, 2013

This has been one crazy week, full of chaos, disorganization, and an array of events.  I’ll let the photos do the talking…

Monday was Presidents’ Day here in the US.  It’s a federal holiday, so most people have the day off from work.  As you can see, I was not an exception.  So there are no work to-dos listed for the day.  However, I did go to yoga, as well as get a little shopping done.  I’m currently working on a photo project, so I headed out to buy some more frames.  It’s a project that will take some time, a big project that I have been putting off for a couple of years.  But I have vowed that 2013 be the year of finishing all unfinished projects, so this was first on my list.  When it’s all finished, I will do a post on how I broke it down into small bites—my planner is a huge help in this area.

Also, we had out roof redone this week, and since we also had the skylights replaced, we had to move around some furniture (not an easy task in a small house) and remove everything from the walls, lest they fall down from the vibrations of the hammers.  Therefore, my house was in complete chaos for most of the week (and that equals mental chaos and general twitchiness).

The roofers arrived on Tuesday, so there was a lot of noise during the day.  Winston went into hiding and refused to have any part of it.

While not a physically active day, Wednesday was mental prep for Thursday, the craziest day of the week.

The roofers arrived early in the morning.  This was the day they replaced the skylights.  Because they had to get into the house, someone had to be here.  This is usually not a problem, but I had a meeting at work in the morning, so I had to have my mom housesit for a while. 

Also, Winston had to go to the vet, for what we thought was just a dental cleaning (normally, this is not the type of thing we would do for him, but when we at the vet for his checkup, the doctor showed us evidence of dental disease).  Poor Win had to have nine (9!) teeth pulled because they were so bad.  He is now on pain meds for the next few days and still walking a little wobbly from the anesthesia.

I also had a doctor’s appointment later in the day—I have been battling a respiratory thingie (due to allergies) for the past month.  So I went back to beg for relief.  A change in prescription, a shot of Cortisol, and hopefully I’m on the mend.  Before my appointment, I stopped home for a bit to relieve my mom.  Then she returned so I could go to my appointment and pick up my boy.  (I had to change my work schedule a couple of times, so you can see that I’ve crossed it out.)

Thankfully, today is an easy day.

Tomorrow I head to the city for some shopping and scoping out of possible new places for the spring Philofaxy meet up (if you’re interested, please see my post about offering feedback for the day).  There are no to-dos for Saturday (yay!).

Sunday is the opposite—many to-dos and no official appointments.

Hopefully next week will return to normalcy for this household.