Introducing Beauford, the Travel Filo

I have been looking for a permanent use for my Black Slimline Guilford.  I have now found one.  Beauford (originally I wanted to name him Gilbert, but I vaguely recall that someone else has maybe already used that name for a Filo…) is perfect for the job of travel filo.  He’s slim, sleek, professional, and gets the job done quickly without complaint.  Even though I use a compact binder for everyday use, when traveling via airplane, this binder can’t be beat.

Let’s take a look at his set up.

First, here he is in all his delicious leather glory:

You can see how trim he is, especially compared to Reggie, the compact Regency:

Of course, Beauford is empty of inserts here, but this gives you an idea of how I need to trim down what I carry when he’s in use.

And here he is compared to my household personal Malden:

Here are all three together:

The reason Beauford is the best binder for this job of traveling is because of his small rings (which force me to take only what I really need) and the secretarial pocket on this inside.

I quickly filled his front pocket with all of the information I was going to need for my latest trip (a “Filo on Location” post is forthcoming)—mostly confirmation emails and the like.  Once in the airport and having checked in, I put our boarding passes in here so that they were easily accessible.  Also, while I don’t normally carry my driver’s license in my Filo, I did put it in one of Beauford’s card slots so that it too was easily accessible for when I needed to show identification.  While in the airport, I only needed to take out my travel filo to access everything I needed.  Beautiful!

The first thing you see upon opening Beauford is my clear pocket which is filled with random things from various trips I took.

Currently, it holds the wrist band we had to wear while at Club Med Turkoise, a Vermont bookmark, and a Starbucks gift card (drained within a week of receiving it) from Texas that my sister- and brother-in-law gave to me for Christmas (while technically not from a visit there, it does remind me of our trip to San Antonio last May).  I will add other random items from upcoming trips as I find them.

Then, I have a mini dashboard on the first tab.

I don’t think I’d need anything more than a square Post-it and a smaller one while traveling (though, knowing me, I’m sure I’d be able to find a use for them while traveling!).

The tabbed sections are as follows:
  • Information – holds directions, phone numbers, and any other pertinent information for the trip
  • Lists – when planning a trip of any kind, I start with a to do list (if it applies) and a packing list that stays in my compact binder; as I’m prepping for the trip itself (the day before usually), I will move this list to the travel binder
  • Notes – anything can go here really—places to visit when we return, notes on various restaurants or attractions—anything I find necessary, really
  • Calendar – an abbreviated version of my daily planner; for this trip I carried 6 months worth of monthly pages, the remaining daily pages for January, and the number of Day Planner pages I would need while we were away to track what I ate and what exercises I did (for the record, I ate whatever I wanted—including alligator tail—and didn’t do much exercise, save for taking the stairs instead of the elevator and a walk on the beach)
  • Financial – I don’t typically keep track of expenses while on a trip, but sometimes I should; so I added this in hopes that it will help me to keep spending to a minimum (this section was not used this go-round)
  • Emergency – this holds emergency contact information should there be an emergency

Within the “Notes” section, I kept a print out of a travel exercise plan I found somewhere at some point.

I didn’t look at it once.  Next time!

The back of the travel filo has a full-length pocket, where I stored some owl Post-its notes.  I didn’t use these, but I figured they might come in handy should I need them, so they will stay there for now.

As an aside, this pocket would also come in handy for placing my passport (I think it would be wide enough).  I stayed within the US this trip, so I didn’t have the opportunity to check.

So that’s Beauford in a nutshell.  He served me very well on this trip.  I don’t know that he’d accompany me on road trips since I don’t necessarily need a secretarial pocket for random papers and such.  I will have a road trip coming up in a few months, so we’ll see how I feel about that.  But for airplane rides, I will most probably defer to him for all things planner related.

As I said above, I will do a “Filo on Location” post to discuss where we went and to show pictures of Beauford in action.


  1. I have Beauford's twin, Buford. How many pages did this all come to? I have had this one for a long time, and have used it quite a bit for road trips, it is not a daily user though.

    1. Oh wow, and here I thought I was being original, lol. Great minds and all that. I'm not sure how many pages it came to, but the rings were not filled to capacity. Close, but there was still plenty of room. It's already y been dismantled o I can't even count them for you. I'll try and remember to next time.

  2.! I will have to set up my slimline metropol to do just this, especially as the poor thing has been sitting empty since I "upgraded" to my compact plum osterley, or Aubergine. I hope I'll be making my trip to the "left" coast in April, as this set up will be priceless!

    1. Ooo, nice! I hope you get to use your new travel filo for visiting the west coast in the near future!


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