Reminder: New York City Meet Up

There are still five spots available for the Philofaxy meet up in New York City on Saturday, September 22.  Click here for all of the details.


  1. Oh can you do another one in December when I'm out for a visit then I'll have the Scotland one in November and NYC in December. Now that would be cool.

    1. Normally I try to stay away from planning one for December because everyone is so busy with the holidays. But let me know the dates and I'll see if there is enough interest (I'm not even sure I'd be able to join in depending on what date you're looking at, as I visit family in December).

      We had several new people for the mini meet up (in August) but the one in May and the one planned for later this month haven't brought too many people and no newbies for the September one. I don't know if interest is waning or what. I would love to meet more people, especially those from across the pond!


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