NYC Meet Up Canceled

Just in case anyone hadn't RSVPed but was thinking of joining the NYC meet up on Saturday (September 22) , I am sad to say that it has been canceled.  We had a number of people who could not make it, so the remaining three of us decided to hold off until we have a bigger group.  (I am having knee trouble at the moment as well, so it helps me out not to have to be up on my feet for the good part of the day it would take me to travel and attend.)

I would like to say that we will reschedule for later in the fall, but I don't know if that will pan out.  If I have a free weekend in November or December to schedule something, I will definitely post about it here to see if there is enough interest.  I know it's difficult to plan anything extra as we approach the holidays and end of the year.

We have usually done a meet up in the spring, so if nothing else, we will look to meet then.  I know it's a long way off, but sometimes life just gets in the way of well laid plans.

Until the next meet up...


  1. Please let me know! I wish I could have made this one, darn. And I'm so sorry to hear about your knee... Staying off it is probably a good thing

    Feel better!

    1. Thanks Tracy! It seems it just wasn't a good time for most people. I'll definitely keep you posted!


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