Library Workers Unite: the New York City Mini Meet Up

As announced a few weeks ago, Lime Tree was in New York City this weekend for a mini vacation.  So we had a mini meet up to celebrate.  There were six of us in total, plus three chagrined significant others who one by one left to do their own thing. 

In attendance was Josh and his partner Juan, Lime Tree, Jenna, and—the best part of the day was when we were surprised by a visit from a UK-er—Saffy!  (As we were walking towards our seats, I noticed a woman out of the corner of my eye who looked so familiar to me.  As I was turning around for a second look, she asked, “Are you with the Philofaxy group?”  I knew right away that she was a part of the group.  We were so excited to have her with us!) 

We met at Joe’s Coffee in Grand Central Terminal.  Seeing as none of us had been there before, we didn’t realize that it was not a full café.  There were no seats, only the coffee bar/counter.  So we headed down into the depths of the station—maybe not the ideal place for an intimate chat about planners, but we were able to find seats, and probably because it was so crowded with people, we didn’t get any weird looks (that we noticed anyway), unlike in the past.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  We had great conversation, a lot of laughs, and we all caressed each other’s Filofaxes.  We got hear first-hand about the UK meet ups that Saffy has attended.  We learned that Jenna has a huge girl-Filofax-crush on The Crazy Suburban Mom (her wording might have been a bit different, though she did use “girl crush”).  And, among the six of us, half of us are library workers (hence the title of the post).  So in addition to Filo chat, we also talked shop a little (who doesn’t like library talk, I ask you).

From here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

My lovelies, Reggie and Ms. Plum

Jenna’s A5 Finsbury

Jenna’s personal size Kate Spade planner and A5 Finsbury

Jenna’s eBay Find

Lime Tree’s personal and mini Baroques

Lime Tree’s personal Baroque (holy tabs!)

Lime Tree’s Mini Chameleon

Lime Tree’s complete pile

Juan’s personal Kendal and Saffy’s Slimline Adelphi

Another view

For many of us, this was the first Dodo Pad we saw in action (Juan’s Kendal)

The day’s celebrity – Josh’s famous Cavendish

Lime Tree checking out the Cavendish

The Cavendish drinking coffee

The Cavendish’s backside (complete with crumbs—what will the paparazzi think!)

A lovely pile!

An array of beauty!


Pen/pencil cases – Josh’s and Saffy’s

The Full Stack – Front

The Full Stack – Back

Notice, there's not one Malden among them!

Sadly, after a while, everyone had to depart and go their own way.  As a treat for him for putting up with yet another meet up, my darling husband and I headed for South Street Seaport.  We walked around and enjoyed the view.

South Street Seaport

View from South Street Seaport

View of the Brooklyn Bridge

Then we had a cozy little dinner at a seaside café.

Right!  We did have dinner too.  I promise!

It was a great day.  I am looking forward to the next meet up!  For anyone who might be interested, I’m aiming for a fall meet up.  Watch this blog for more information in the next month!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! I think Lime Tree's Filos are uniting the country- I just held that mini Chameleon a few months ago!

    And screw dinner- that margarita looks amazing! :)

    1. Thanks thanks, J, we did have a great time! The drink was okay - it wasn't strawberry enough for me. In the future i would go with either the drink or the beer, but not necessarily both together. By the end it was a watery beery mess. But the experience was worth it!

  2. Oh I have to make one of these! I'm in NJ

    1. Not to push you into it, but yes, you do! ;-) we'd love to have you attend a meet up, especially with all of your fancy binder finds. And you're so close! I don't have a specific date yet, but for the fall meet up, I'm thinking October. Keep watching for an announcement!

    2. LOL! I am going to try to get there... I'm kind of shy actually. I know, that's weird! Plus - I just reread this and saw the girl crush part! I missed that the first time. I'm flattered :)


    3. I've been shy my whole life, too, so no worries. We won't make you do anything you don't want to. ;-) that's funny, that you missed the girl crush the first time - I figured that's why you said you'd have to get there one day. After all, who can resist being the object of a Filofax girl crush? ;-)

  3. Your compact Osterley in plum has me itching to get one too! My personal plum Osterley is lovely but size matters! x

    1. I love the osterley. I think I'm a little surprised at how much actually. Ad the compact - I can stop raving about the size. It's just perfect for me! Your personal needs a brother/sister. ;-)

  4. Wooonderful MeetUp! Thank you so much kanalt!

    I never noticed how many tabs I have. No wonder most of my notes get lost.

    Loving your pictures, by the way. Look at the paparazzi and the Cavendish! Big-time star, Josh's Filofax!

  5. Thank you for visiting new York - we wouldn't have had a mini meet up if you hadn't. ;-). Yes, the big star was definitely Josh's cavendish. It walked the red carpet that day. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Sounds and looks like you had a great time! Sorry I missed ;-(

    1. Thanks Michele! Hopefully we'll see you at the next meet up - take care!

  7. What a lovely meetup, looks like so much fun!

    Hopefully in future I can make it to one of these...

    1. We did have fun, thank you! That would be lovely, if you could join one day. Hopefully I will be able to choose a date for our fall meet up soon!

  8. Thank you for such a lovely welcome. I have just returned back to the U.K. and now have access to my computer which is why I could not post sooner.

    I really enjoyed meeting you and the others and as usual I felt that I did not have enough time to talk to everyone, perhaps we need to shuffle seats, lol. It was surprising how many filo's there were for a 'mini meet up'.

    Thank you again for organising it and welcoming my very last minute appearance.

    1. Thank you for attending Saffy! Yes, something more like a cocktail party where everyone walks around and chats with everyone else might help us to talk with everyone. I've thought that at the other meet ups as well. But I'm thankful we can all meet in any capacity!

      Yeah, we did pretty well on the FILO stack considering there was only 6 of us and all but one traveled a distance to get there.its not easy packing filos for a meet up, lol.


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