Reggie On Location: Southern Hospitality & Giveaway

Reggie and I (and my hubby) just spent an extended weekend in San Antonio, Texas visiting family—we stayed with my sister- and brother-in-law.  We all had a great time.  I don’t know why it has taken us so long to get there, but we sure won’t wait so long to go back.  It was my first time there (and Reggie’s).  We were amazed at how friendly and welcoming the people are.  In general, people are patient and relaxed, very unlike many people here in New York who are always in a rush to get nowhere and have no problem letting you know they’re unhappy with whatever it is you’re doing (or not doing).  In Texas, it’s just a calmer pace, much more my speed.  The weather was warm and the sun was shining.  While I can’t say I’m ready to move there just yet, I see the appeal of living there.  I’m more of a mountain girl myself and need to have my official four seasons, at least at this point in my life.  But never say never—Texas is not out of the running for a possible move, way down the line.  (But that’s just my opinion.  I should talk to my hubby about the possibility too.)

Headed to Texas!
So what did we do?  I will let Reggie’s pictures tell most of the story, though his story involves my story.

The first day we had a lovely lunch with my cousin who lives just under two hours away from my in-laws.  She and her husband drove down to see us.  In the evening, we went downtown where we visited the Alamo (we didn’t go inside as it was closed by the time we got there) and the Riverwalk.

The Alamo

Reggie at the Alamo

The Riverwalk

San Antonio Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

The second day was the most fun—we went shooting!

Reggie prepared big time:

Playing "Reggie's Angels"

On location!
When it came down to it, Reggie was a little nervous to pull the trigger.  So I stepped up to the plate.

Don't mess with Texas!
Reggie had good reason to be nervous—I found myself in a fluke situation.  A hot bullet shell landed between the arm of my glasses and my temple, burning me a little (the damage was done by the time I realized how hot it actually was).

Nothing a little Neosporin can't fix
After a morning of shooting and an afternoon of relaxing at the movies, we sat down to some down-home southern BBQ.

Oh, the BBQ goodness!

Reggie's gonna need a wet-nap!

I did find Reggie is a comprising position after dinner:

Drunk and disorderly from too much wine
The third day we spent shopping.  I hemmed and hawed at buying a pair of cowboy (girl) boots.  In the end, I did not buy them, but to hell with it!  I’m buying them for me for my upcoming birthday.  I’ve always wanted a pair, and damn it, I shall have them for when we return to Texas.

One store we did visit was The Container Store.  While I could have bought a great many things, I came out with only one item—stickers for Reggie!

This little booklet has a total of 288 stickers, all meant to be used on a calendar.  The book includes the following stickers:

Travel and Taxes
(why you need that many tax stickers I don't know)

Meeting, Urgent, Meal Out

Hair Appt, Barbeque, Night Out

Party, Wedding, Holiday

Birthday, Repairs, Game Night

Clean House, Work Out, Shopping

Doctor Appointment

There are even sticky strips on the back cover so that you can stick the entire book to your planner!

Obviously, some stickers will be used more than others.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ll come out with different stickers at some point too.  Who knows? 

Reggie was so excited that I found these accessories for him, he begged me to get another pack to use as a reader giveaway.  I complied.

If you are interested in winning these stickers, leave me a comment below (for those of you with WordPress accounts and who have been having trouble commenting on Blogger, shoot me an email [kanalt17 AT gmail dot Com] and I will post it for you in order of receipt).  You can comment until 11:59 p.m. on June 1 (New York time).  On June 2, I will randomly pick a winner via a random number generator.  The giveaway is open to all readers, worldwide.  I will announce the winner on the blog (as a new post) on June 2. 

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with or getting kickbacks from The Container Store or Girl of All Work, the manufacturer of these stickers—I simply think they are fun and am giving them away as a thank you to my readers.

Reggie and I wish you luck!

With that, our weekend sadly came to a close.  We were a little depressed to leave San Antonio and our family members.  But hopefully it won’t be long until we return (with boots on feet!).  After such an eventful weekend, Reggie must rest up for the upcoming New York City Philofaxy meet up (three spots are still available—contact me if you’re interested).


  1. I love the compact filofax line. Your 'Reggie' is gorgeous. I am constantly looking for calendar stickers, but I find it so hard to find them in Canada, especially where I live.

    1. Since buying the compact binder, I haven't strayed once. In truth, the rings could be a little bigger, but this size works just fine. I have had a hard time finding good stickers as well. I just happened to come across these.

  2. Nice post! You're so jammy, getting to shoot guns... if I ever make it to the States (I live in London) I HAVE to try and find somewhere that'll let me have a good session with a few handguns...

    It's weird how your South is notorious for being friendlier, you might know here in England it's the North (from Midlands eg Leicester upwards) that's the friendly bit, Southerners have less of a good reputation in that respect - well earned in my opinion!

    1. I wouldn't say that the South is friendlier than the North overall. I just think they're more outwardly friendlier. here in New York, people go out of their way to help others when the need calls for it. But on a day-to-day basis, not so much, at least a lot of the time. So it's a big difference, at least from what I've seen.

      I hope you get to shoot some handguns when you get to the US!

  3. Yay for the shooting range! My husband took me once and i had (way too much) fun ;)
    Those stickers are awesome! Love stickers :)
    I just received my first filofax yesterday (red compact chameleon! Woot woot) and i cant stop smelling

    1. Yes, I had a lot of fun at the range. Probably not something I would do often, but I'd definitely do it again.

      I hope you like the Compact Chameleon! The black was my first compact, and I did like it. But what I didn't like it that it doesn't lay flat out of the box. It probably would have over time, but I'm too impatient. ;)

  4. Ouch on the burn! Looks like Reggie had a great time and that he behaved fairly well. ;) Those stickers rock!

    Great post. xx

    1. The burn is healing well. Now it's just a light pink mark. But it's a mark of my visit to TX! ;) Reggie did have a good time, though probably not as much as I did.

  5. enjoyed your post, thank you. You gave me a little trip down memory lane, as I visited San Antonio a fair few years ago now, and loved the river walk, and the Alamo is very interesting. I did get to go inside!! I was quite surprised at how small it was :))
    A "friendly" English southener, living in France !!!
    BTW Reggie looks really dapper ;)
    luv Nikki X

    1. Glad I could bring back nice memories for you. =) Reggie always tries his best to look dapper, unless he's being caught doing something naughty.

  6. Ah this was great! Just discovered your blog and here you have a post on my beloved hometown, San Antonio!!! I'm so glad y'all had a good time! From the phone # on the range sign, I'm guessing you were in the Lackland AFB area. I'm glad you got to shoot!

    1. Lol, I have no idea what part of the city we were in. Maybe when we go back I can get a better handle on where things are in relationship to each other. Glad you liked the post - thanks!

  7. Ohh I love those stickers!
    I am quite jealous if your fun weekend, although not so much of your burned temple. I've never gotten into shooting handguns being more of a rifle girl myself...but that does look like a blast! (Minor, terrible pun fully intended)

    1. Congratulations on winning, Amanda! I've never shot a rifle, but that might be on the to-do list the next time we go.

  8. Ooh! Hope your face is better now.
    This post just made me laugh and laugh.... Reggie did have fun, didn't he? I just roared over Reggie's Angels. Glad you had fun and I love the stickers.

    1. Thank you, yes the burn is healing nicely. Just a slight pink color at this point. Yes, Reggie often likes to play games, especially when guns are included. ;)

  9. I have read so many Filofax blogs and your is by far the best! I had to re-read your opening paragraph as i thought your husband was Reggie and then i got confused seeing an organiser instead of a man!
    I love that you took Reggie with you and took photos of him in all the places you went - more people should do that!
    Those stickers you found look great - ive tried loads of different stickers in the past but have yet to find some 'appointment' style stickers which fit the bill. Im from the UK and i here so much about this Container Store that when i eventually go to America that will be on my To Do list!
    Im new to blogging but have done 2 posts about my organiser with lots more to come when i finish my Uni exams next week!
    I hope im in with a chance of winning them!
    Take Care x

    1. Thanks so much, Alice!!! What a compliment. =) Lol, sorry for the confusion between Reggie and my hubby. I told him about that and he chuckled - yes, he said, I am married to my planner.
      The original idea for Filofax on Location was Steve's . I just ran with it.
      If you like to organize, definitely visit the Container Store! It's an organizer's dream!
      I subscribed to your blog - it's great! Keep at it. =)

  10. No way! I have just spent hours of my life trying to track down these exact stickers after I saw them on another blog. I then spent another hour looking for something even vaguely similar but the UK has nothing. Although Franklin Covey did give the option of shipping the $7 stickers to me for $65!?

    The search continues... Any help would be appreciated. xxx

    1. Wow, I didn't even know these stickers existed until I happened to see them. I don't know if the Container Store or Girl of All Work ships overseas, but I'm sure you could find out. The shipping might be quite a lot though. Sadly, I don't have a Container Store near me or I would offer to send you some. And $65 for shipping a $7 item is ridiculous! Maybe you could pose the question on a Philofaxy Free for All post - many people in the UK have found stickers (though perhaps not ones above). Good luck!

    2. Thank you for your reply. I think I got caught up in the moment.. I'm planning a lot of flying back and forward and the travel stickers really caught my eye. I'm sure i can find an alternative. There are a few places nearby that stock the filofax organiser stickers, if there's nothing else.

    3. What? For $65, I'd expect the president of FranklinCovey to hand-deliver the stickers to my house!

  11. I am SUPER EXCITED for the NYC Philofaxy Meet-Up!!! I just ordered a new fax -- the 2013 Finsbury A5 in BLUE. Hopefully, I will receive it this coming week.... I feel the pressure to put together a pretty book for you all to look at in June ;-)

    1. There's no name attached to this comment, so I'm not sure who I'm speaking to but I'm so glad you're excited for the meet up! It is great fun - not only to meet everyone but also to share ideas and planners and see what's available to purchase locally. I'm sure your Filo will be great - I'm looking forward to checking it out!

  12. Bahahaha! Reggie with the guns is awesome! I've never even thought to do that one. Totally in love.

    And yes, count me in for the sticker giveaway- you know I can't pass up the opportunity to get some new stickers!

    1. Reggie just might beat Malden with the crazy stuns he'll perform. ;)


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