New Appliances: An Exercise In Organization

Last weekend we had new kitchen appliances delivered.  I can’t tell you the amount of excitement this provided me (yes, my life is that sad).  The appliances we had were original to our condo’s being built.  The oven stopped working for the second time since we bought the place, and we had to decide: pay to have it repaired again or simply replace it.  And since the dishwasher no longer cleaned that well and the refrigerator made a huge thumping noise when running, we decided that it was time to invest in new appliances.  Plus, they just looked old—think late 1980s style.

The new appliances are so sleek and quiet (we can actually run the dishwasher and watch TV at the same time!).  And since they are Energy Star-approved, they should save us money on our electric bill in the long run (only time will tell).  The oven and dishwasher are simple models and perform well.  But the real excitement lies with the refrigerator.  Why?  Because I could reorganize!  The old fridge was a basic two-door model, freezer on top.  The new one is the French door style, freezer on the bottom. 

Shall we take a tour?

It looks as if it’s smiling at me!

The interior.

Full view of the top.

Everyone’s curious, even Winston.

“I could play in here!”

“Is this where my food goes?”

A close up of the main fridge area (prior to shopping, so it’s a little bare).

The most important spot is the coffee section, regular and decaf (on the bottom, in the containers).

The second most important spot…

…the wine…

…and beer section!

The view of the two sections together.

The full view after placing food items.

Freezer, top rack, prior to ice being made.

Freezer, bottom rack.

Most important spot in the freezer—vodka!

I had so much fun deciding where all of the food should go.  But of course, only my fellow planner and organizing people would understand my level of excitement over something so simple!  Now I am finding the kitchen is my favorite place in the house.  Next project: updating the cabinets.  But that won’t happen for quite a while now…


  1. Ooh! How lovely! I am a big fan of housewares, household appliances, remodeling, etc. Even if only by living vicariously through others. So thanks! I love my new appliances! ;-)

    PS - did Winston still like the fridge once it was cold?

    1. I love housewares too. Too bad I have to "schedule" big purchases like this - it requires so much time to get the house looking the way we want it. ;) As for Winston, once the food was in, he wasn't allowed to scope out the fridge, though he does still walk by it and sniff around.

  2. I think it's better to "schedule" big purposes, ideally - we had to get a new dryer in a day because the old one broke. Well, the hubby while we were dating did. If I were around that day, I could have quickly checked Consumer Reports and other sites of that nature to get the best bang for his buck. Now we have a dryer that you can't set the temperature on - just "this section is low." Um! So, yes, it's better to schedule (and I'm already secretly scheduling a new one - lol!). :)

    1. Uh oh - look out hubby! Shelia is a closet appliance researcher. ;) Yeah, this is not something I'd let me DH do without input from me, especially since I do most (but not all) of the cooking.

    2. I am indeed. Along with anything else to make the house look better. Just don't let your DH tell my DH (these are all much more expensive than a filofax or two!!!).

    3. Ha, ha! Surprisingly, my DH is more supportive of bigger expenses than a new Filo - at least with the bigger items they're few and far between, plus he benefits from that. The Filo on the other hand, "why do you need ANOTHER planner???" ;)

  3. Yay for new appliances! Unfortunately, since we're in an apartment we don't get to play around much with upgrades, remodeling, etc. But we're likely moving into a house B's uncle rents this summer- which means more freedom for us to paint, garden, etc. I can't wait!

    Enjoy your new appliances, and make sure that wine spot is always full!

    1. Our upgrading/remodeling is limited because we're in a condo. We can change anything on the inside but we can't change the structure, so no removing walls or anything big like that. We also can't change the look on the outside - well we can replace items, but it has to look like every other unit in the development. That's annoying, but it is what we signed up for (the association snow removal and lawn grooming is worth it though).

      Yay for new places! I can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Nice organizing!!!


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