Happy 2012!

What a whirlwind of a holiday season!  But I am back to do my first post of the New Year.  I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration, whether you did something exciting or just stayed home and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  My husband and I went to Chincoteague Island in Virginia (one of the draws is the wild ponies that you will most likely see—and we did!) with friends, and while we had a great time, I have to confess that a simple and quiet weekend at home was more of what I needed, mainly because we had been here, there and everywhere (both locally and not-so-locally) to see family and friends during Christmas.  The trip to CI is a 6½ hour drive each way, so we did a lot of driving in the last two weeks.  Thus, I am spent.  I am hoping for a very quiet weekend, minus the Christmas clean up we’re doing on Saturday and the fact that I’m working on Sunday (so, yeah, not so quiet after all, I’m afraid).  But Saturday night is all about staying in with a movie and cheese, crackers and wine for dinner.

What will 2012 bring me, I wonder?  There are many possibilities of course, but like many years past, maybe nothing too exciting or our of the ordinary, which is okay too, so long as things stay as status quo as possible.  Maybe I’ll travel a little more—I do have a few destinations in mind, all within the great US of A.  Maybe I’ll find a new hobby, though I don’t know what could compare to blogging and the Philofaxy community.  Maybe I’ll move, though quite doubtful.  Who knows; it’s all a mystery at the moment, and that’s the fun of it.

I have thought a lot about my New Year’s resolution(s).  I could officially declare one or two, but this year, I’m thinking, what’s the point?  Anything that I might come up with would be forgotten in a few weeks’ time, just like every other past resolution.  This is not to say that resolutions aren’t a good thing or that I can’t stick to them.  It’s just that life often gets in the way, I guess.  There are plenty of things I want to work on, but I want them to be life-long commitments, not just something I focus on because it’s a new year.  And so those are the “resolutions” I have in mind.

Oddly enough, my husband has a resolution for me.  I have to put this in writing just in case he ever denies saying this.  He is not a messy person really, he just has many piles of stuff lying around the house—bills, receipts, clothes, tools, whatever.  Whereas I’m the type of person who puts something away as soon as it comes in or is done being used, he is the type to let things pile up and fall over before he deals with them.  This was difficult for me when we first got married, but I have learned to let it go.  My solution has been to give him several buckets and baskets for his items to gather—a bucket for his keys, cell phone, wallet, etc.; a bin for papers and bills and receipts; another bin for items that need to be filed away.  But the problem is he lets these piles grow until he is forced to deal with them, and by then it takes him an entire day to go through it all.  So, his resolution for me this year is—are you ready?—to nag him more about cleaning up his piles.  Yes, “nag”—his word, not mine.  People, he is giving me permission to nag him more often (though, honestly, I don’t nag very much)!  What husband does that?  He’s a very good egg, my husband.  And I can happily say that though it is only the 4th day of the New Year, I have been working hard at this resolution.  It hasn’t helped too much yet, but in his defense, we haven’t really been home enough.  So we will see how this goes in the coming weeks.  I’ll be sure to do an update in six months.

I hope 2012 brings all of you happiness and prosperity.  I look forward to spending another year with my planner friends.