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Compact Regency

More to come...


  1. you're mean.. :P hahaha
    can't wait. :)

  2. *Insert evil laugh* I am mean for teasing you all this way. ;) All will be revealed come the weekend!

  3. You ARE mean, but we love you anyway. That thing is beautiful!

  4. I waited seven months for this organizer to become available and finally snagged it a few weeks ago. You'll love it. I must say it is so nice I am a bit afraid to use it. Your plans will now become a sacred act. Can't wait to see yours! Merry Christmas!

  5. Post coming soon. I'd love to hear how you use yours. If you're interested in a guest post, let me know. =)

  6. Hi Kanalt, I'm sorry I did not respond earlier. I blog like a thief in the night stealing moments in time. I am honored that you would ask me to do a guest post but I fear I don't have the time now. I could not do it justice. I will however give you a brief summary to quench any curiosity you might have. Visualize this:

    1)Protective fly leaf with a shadow and light picture behind and 6 lined pages.
    2)A-Z shadow and light telephone tabs.
    3)One year of Filofax month per two page.
    4)Six weeks of week plus notes. Calendar is for things like appointment and reminders, notes is used for my weekly plan.
    5)Post it durable tab with routines, resolutions/way of being list. This is the heart of my planner that I refer to often . I have also purchased Filofax day per page for daily planning for this section but will try to avoid using them.

    Shadow and light tab section:
    1)To be done tab: For to do memory. Includes a sheet for tasks, chores, leisure, misc.
    2)Books, movie, music list (plus)tab: 1/2 sheet each for books to read, movies to watch, music and audio to listen to.
    3)Memos tab: For notes I like to keep on hand in the present. I have about five sheets.
    4)Expense tab: shopping lists, desire list, and expense record.
    5)Reference tab: Four sheets of reference data.
    6)Personal tab: Five sheets of medical date I might need on the go and a few blank lined pages.

    I then have a top loading plastic envelope for stickers and a picture of my next haircut. Adhered to the back is 3x3 post its.

    Accessoris: I slip 3 x 5 index cards in the front binder pocket for random notes. I also have Day Timer 2010 two day per page pocket wire bound refill books that I use for capture and daily jots. I may remove the shadow and light telepone directory and slip a staple bound Day Timer pocket telephone book in the rear pockt if I have to. The current set up is so clean and smart looking that I'd hate to change it. It also functions very well.

  7. Savannah - No worries. I just thought I'd offer. =)

    Your setup sounds great! You've got quite a lot packed into that compact. So it seems that you use it more for capturing ideas and information, as opposed to a calendar/diary? I keep all of my information in my Malden and use the compact more for my calendar and quick reference.

    One question: what are the shadow and light inserts, a certain type of brand?

  8. I keep information I use frequently or may use when on the go in my planner, but it is also highly effective for my daily planning needs I use my planner and capture notebook ALOT during the day. It is my portable brain and keeps me focused on right here, right now. I have a tendency to overplan, get overwhelmed and become unfocused so I had to transform the way I thought about time and how I use it. I now focus more on my routines and what i want to experience in life and plug in my to do's into a linear routine map. An extra note page or post it between my weekly calendar is sometimes necessary, as is a daily planning page when I become mentally disorganized which is more than I like to admit. I don't do alot of timed advance planning. I have found that most of my plans don't work out the way I intend it to anyway. Life is more of a process for me.

    I also use an A5/Classic binder for projects, notes, reference, and thinking. This is stationary and is not used as frequently. My capture notebook, personal diary insights and memory lists get funneled into my planner and A5. I also funnel out from these tools. I use personal binders to store blank pages

    It sounds complicated but it really isn't. Think of the planner as now and the A5 as then.

    The shadow and light telephone pages and tabs used to be offered by Day Timer but are no longer available. They have quotes, scenes of nature and life, and lined backsides for notes or indexing. I find they really pull the look of the binder together with the white Filofax pages and make it easier to reference info. I do love nature so it fits me. You could probable buy a cheap Harmony planner from Day Runner and achieve the same thing but I think they aren't as smart looking (more whimsical).

    I'm happy that you were able to purchase the Regency and that you love it! I love mine too. I have one in brown. I had considered the Osterly, it has the eye candy appeal, but I found that hard binders that look real fancy tend to lose their appeal over time. The Regency is more comfortable to use (especially us hardcore users) and has timeless good looks and it's clean lines clear my head. I still admire it though and understand why most people will gravitate toward it.

  9. Wow, that's a great system. I can't have more than one planner for my days - I get too confused - but I am in awe at those who do. It sounds like a lot of fun (the planner nerd that I am) working between books.

    The shadow and light sounds great. I love nature too and often look at inserts that are themed as such. My big pet peeve with DT though is the small lines. I just could never get used to them. Oh well. I'll have to look into the Harmony line - I don't think I've seen that.

    Yes, I am loving the Regency. This could definitely be "the planner." Though, I did say that about the Malden. And my only complaint with that is that it's not available in the compact size. But honestly, at this point, I'm okay with that - I can use my personal Malden with my compact Regency and all is right in my world. =)


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