Rest In Pages: Where Do To Dos Go To?

As part of the Philofaxy All Start Blog Tour, today’s post is a guest post by Michael.  He lives in Philadelphia, USA.  You can read more about his work and his life by visiting his two sites, Trophy Bikes and Philly Typer.

OK, there's still nothing like a bunch of (mostly) checked-off "To Do" Filofax pages... this has been the first year back on Filofax since the 1990s...
Now decorating a shoebox in the corner of my cramped back little office at home: An Palm Centro, a Pixi, a couple of earlier Palms (III, IIIe, TX) that only organized and didn't even do phone calls, etc...

Now I am back to a Filo Luxe Compact, which has a calendar that vies for supremacy with the one on my iPhone, and which also carries a lovely set of yellow "project" pages, a Month on Two Pages Calendar, an ad hoc listing of every beer I've had since Aug. 2011 (when that idea struck me), and esp. -- these "Two Do" pages... which above all, sit in the book, reminding me how to get on with things... When they get full, I do one of two things: If I'm feeling cheapskatish... I then flip it over and use the other side... but generally not, as the read through can be iffy... More often, they go into some budget 6-ring binders I've found; once a week or so, I re-write some of the To Dos into a new page or two.

Ditto for just skimming through the archived binders looking for stray things to get done.

This year, we moved one of our two Philadelphia bike shops to a new location--it was a real project, as we were breaking a commercial lease with a very tough landlord indeed, and the new space we were moving into was a brand new shell, i.e, no lighing or fixtures of any kind... this "712 " (after the address of the new location) project gobbled up page after page of To Dos. Quite satisfying to pull page after page from the Filo to archive.

There are certainly more sophisticated systems out there--and someday I may go with that... but for now, the green PROJECTS tab and its 10 pages of To Do lists is where the action is in my Filo.

Thank you, Michael for your great post!