Introducing Reggie!

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find enough time to give this post the attention it deserves.  But since I am home sick today, I have been given the gift of time, even if it comes at the cost of my sinus health…

I have been coveting the Compact Regency since our last New York City meet up.  Because of the price, I was determined to wait until it appeared on Pens & Leather.  But for so long now they’ve been saying that this particular line is “coming soon.”  I don’t know what “soon” means to them, but apparently we have different ideas about it.  Plus, they constantly tortured me with that YouTube video clip showing off the Regency’s fine features.  That’s some pretty good advertising for Filofax—who wants to wait for “soon” when you can get it right now at Filofax’s website?  I probably should have waited for it to appear on P&L, simply because it wouldn’t have been as much money as what Filofax sells it for.  But my patience only runs so far.  Then, I give up and give in.  In any event, I had put aside enough money for what it cost me (or very close to it) and figured what the hell.  I am a wild child.  I live dangerously.  I care not what the world thinks of my spending habits.  If only in terms of planners…

Last week I was in New York City and happened into Sam Flax.  I’m sure you will all agree that there’s really no need to go on.

Originally, I was going to buy the brown binder.  While I have two brown binders already, this brown was just delicious—dark and handsome, much like George Clooney.  But I digress.  Upon second inspection, I wondered if I would tire of the brown, much like I wonder about many of the other colors Filofax produces.  I often find myself loving a color one minute and being tired of it the next.  And as I always say, you can’t go wrong with black.  It goes with everything.  So black is what I got.

As for a formal review, I think Zoe covered it well.  There’s not much I need to add to her review, except to say, I absolutely, without a doubt, LOVE this binder.  Of course, I have said this about the Malden too.  And that still holds true to this day.  But Reggie offers something that Malden just can’t (at this point in time anyway): a slim physique.  Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not biased toward slimness versus a good hunky man, but slim is just what I’m craving at this point in time.  (Somehow, the bean-pole type of guy has always caught my eye.)  Malden is still a huge part of my life, keeping safe all of the things I need on a non-daily-basis, even if he’s not yet dressed properly for the part yet (the minute he puts on that tux, you all will be the first to know).  Together, they will be the planner-man of my dreams.  (Though I’m tempted to never call anything nirvana again, based on what happened the last time I did.)

So, let’s have a look-see between Reggie’s covers…

You all know how much I loved the Compact Chameleon and how I used it.  My one pet peeve with it is that it doesn’t lay flat, even now after some use.  Reggie has no problem in this area—he lays perfectly flat for me every time I ask him to.

He is shiny, smooth and supple.

He may have a few bumps (acne), but nevertheless, he is handsome.  There’s no denying that.

He still glows in the morning light.  But maybe that’s because he loves me so in return.  (I treat him very well.)

He has many pockets, though he never forces them on me—they are slyly hidden.

The pockets he does show off are very useful and I can fit just about any type of card in them.

Then there is his back pocket, where I can keep a stash of DayTimer’s Self-stick Hot Sheets.

He’s got a beautiful backside too.

How could I not be in love???  You would be too, if you got your hands on him.

I have not covered what I store in him on purpose—my system in somewhat in flux until the end of the year.  Once 2012 rolls around and I put in my new inserts, I will properly cover my system then.

Ah, my Reggie.  I thank the gods who brought him to me…


  1. heh heh. nice! glad you finally got it! i was fed up waiting for w p&l as well and finally broke down and ordered the plum osterley compact. it's supposed to come on monday.

    i'm sort of concerned about that back pen holder on the regency. are you able to put your pen in there ok w/out it ruining the back stuff? if so, what sort of pen do you keep in it? does it close ok? i have a couple of transparency sheets in the back. also i'm not sure if the pad i was planning to put in it will fit and i don't think i will use all the extra pockets... but whatever, we all know as soon as p&l has it i'll be all over the damn thing!!!

  2. Wow, you are quick! ;)

    I was looking at the Osterly too - that plum is amazing. I am interested, though not enough to spend full price. Maybe one day when it's marked down...

    I should have taken a picture of my pen in the pen loop. The pen I use is the Uniball Jet Stream. It's too fat to put in the pen loop. I just hook the hooky-part through the loop, though I lay the pen part to the outside of the pen loop so it's not crunching the tabs, and that works fine. I'm able to snap the binder shut without a problem. I have something in each of the pockets, minus the back outside one. But it allows me to stick random things in there as needed I guess. The back interior pocket is about half the size of the width of the binder. So it will only fit certain items.

    I can't wait to see your review on the Osterly (because you WILL do one). ;)

  3. Ooooh, he's so handsome! I LOVE all the pockets on this binder... but somehow I'm still pretty darn content with Mr. Malden!

    Can't wait to see your finalized 2012 system :)

  4. Wow, so it's always like that with pens and leather? I ordered my malden there only to be told after it was out of stock, available momentarily. Lets just say several weeks later I ordered and GOT my finchly from sweden before the malden came -- and I still havent gotten the calendar thats out of stock

  5. Thanks, J. Yes, Mr. Malden is still in the picture, thought he's a stay-at-home planner. That's work too! ;)

    Suburban Mom - Hmm, I've never had a problem with P&L being out of stock if they advertise something as being available. In this case, it is taking them a long time to get stock that has been available on Filofax for a while. I guess that's the deal - they can sell products at a lower cost, but only at a later date.

  6. Comment from a new follower: I enjoy reading about how you use your filofax. I recently splurged and purchased the A5 Osterly in plum. I love it! It is a bit more structured than the Malden I was using, which is what I was looking for. It was worth the price - I will be using it for a long time. Love your blog.

  7. Welcome Whimsical Harmony! I plan on doing a more in-depth write up of my 2012 system once it's set up. The Osterly is very nice, especially in the plum color. I was eyeing the compact size, but that will have to wait a while. Thanks for reading!

  8. Wow! It is beautiful! I am so excited to set up my own 2012 system, but I don't have anything as beautiful as Reggie! I like the bumps... it's almost like the uber expensive ostrich filofax... very fancy! I love your funny love affairs too, don't worry, I won't tell your DH! :)

  9. Thanks, Sheila. No worries about keeping my affairs from DH - he's well aware of them. =) I like the bumps too - it gives him character.


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