Versatile Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by both Denise over at Cupcakes and Cadenzas and J at TheCrazyLifeofJ (thank you both!!!  I am honored!).

The Rules:

1.  You have to thank the person(s) who gave you the award and link back to their blog(s) (see above).

2.  You have to share seven facts about yourself (see below).

3.  You have to send the award on to fifteen other bloggers whose blogs you appreciate and then let them know that they have been given the award (see below the seven facts about me).

Facts about me:

(I always feel like I’m reaching for interesting tidbits, when really it isn’t all that interesting.)

1.  My biggest fear is that I will be left all alone.

2.  Aside from my wedding and engagement rings and occasionally a watch, I don’t wear jewelry.  Most of it gives me the creeps.  I can’t tell you why.

3.  My two heroes are my father (for never asking “Why me”?) and my grandmother (for living her life in the most serene way I have ever witnessed).

4.  The best advice I ever got was from my father when he taught me to drive: “Always assume the other guy is going to do something stupid.”  It has taught me to anticipate all the stupid moves and has saved me from many accidents.  (This can be applied to just about everything in life, too.)

5.  I have only one major regret in life.  (I consider myself lucky that there’s only one.)

6.  I often believe others (non-friends and family) think of me as unworthy.  Is this due to low self-esteem or a lack of faith in others?  Probably both.

7.  I hate talking myself up (see number 6).

And the Award Goes To (in alphabetical order):

(I know some of you have already been awarded this prize.)

1.  Anita Lim
2.  Deligted
13.  Rori Rants