For the longest time I have been looking for stickers that I can use in my planner.  Everything I came across was too juvenile (Disney princesses and the like) or too puffy (as in, they’re actually meant for scrapbooking and are almost 3D – they would add too much bulk to my compact). 

Finally, out of sheer luck, I happened upon a nice set at my local grocery store.  I had always passed this particular aisle (actually, it’s an end cap at the end of the stationery aisle that houses seasonal items), but for some reason, this time I paid attention, and there they were!  I hope it’s not just a holiday treat and that I will continue to find great stickers here.

This is what I have picked up for now:

So how am I using them?

They help me make note of what I’m thankful for:

They help me make note of activities and people I’m thankful for:

They help me make note of being thankful for food and great company:

They help me make note of spontaneous lunch dates with my best friend (the entry was added after the fact):

They remind me that I’m super thankful for my beautiful nieces:

And they add just a little seasonal pizzazz to my planner:

I am loving these stickers and am looking forward whatever else I can find.  Someday I’ll get around to decorating my tabs, whether it’s with stickers or stamps or decorative paper.  I just have to find the perfect thing for them.  I welcome any ideas you might have.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi, I've also been looking at stickers & completely agree with you! Most of them would make my filofax look like I was 5 years old or are too bulky, like you say. Glad you finally found some you like :)

  2. Thanks, Anita. These aren't too bad as far as looking juvenile. But they bring a little whimsy and fun to my boring inserts. =)


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