What’s In My Bag: Fall 2011

Now that it is officially fall, I can discuss my two fall bags, as well as a new bag find.

The contents of my bag are still the same as last time.

My fall weekend bag is VeraBradley’s Tie Tote (no longer being produced) in the Medallion (retired) pattern:


The dark red/maroon color reminds me of fall, which is how this bag became the season’s choice.

Inside, there is one long zipped pocket, and on the other side, two smaller open pockets.  I use one for my cell phone and one for my iPod Touch:

For work, I’m using my brown Coach tote bag.  This was my very first Coach bag, and so I will probably never part with it:

The inside is much the same as the Vera Bradley bag above—one long zipped pocket and two smaller pockets on the other side.

I thought I was all set for the fall as far as bags go.  But if you recall from the post mentioned above, I had bought an L.L.Bean Signature suede tote bag that I loved but could not keep due to the heaviness of it.  You may also recall that ordered something else to replace it.

Enter Timbuk2’s Daria Tote.  This bag is awesome!  There are so many pockets, a place for everything.  

On the front, there are two packets on either side.  They are both as wide as the front of the bag, but they do not connect—one pocket lies behind the other:

Inside, there is one long (and deep) pocket:

I usually use this for mail and random papers when I have them in my bag.

On the other side, there is a panel of pockets very similar to what you would find in a wallet, mainly for credit cards.  I don’t use them for that, as I have a wallet that I throw in the bag.  Rather, I put my cell phone and iPod Touch here.  There is also a small zippered pocket behind the card slots where I put my gum and Starbucks Via packets.  There is also a lanyard where you can hook your keys, but I don’t usually use that. 


On the back of the bag, there is a padded, felt-lined pocket for ereaders or tablets.

I don’t have an ereader, so I have used this pocket to hold a magazine.  Since the magazine isn’t thrown into the bag with the rest of the items, it stays nice and uninjured—no tears to speak of.

I was using this bag as my work bag for a while, and while it works very well for this purpose, I may go back to the Coach bag for work and use the Daria when I need a little more room than other bags will allow for.  The bag is tall enough, so I can chuck all kinds of things into it.  Plus, being Timbuk2, it’s study and should last quite a long time.

It looks like I have one more season of bags to show before I come full circle.  Come January, watch for a post on my winter bags!


  1. Love Medallion by VB! That brown Coach is gorgeous. And, I really like that last one with printed interior. I need to blog about my latest bag once I get through this crazy week. :-)

  2. Each of your bags has just enough pockets! In the past, I bought bags recklessly and often found they either didn't have enough (or any) pockets or so many that I couldn't remember where anything was stashed. Is there any reason you have a separate weekend bag (other than to get good use out of all of your lovely bags, of course)?

    I've really enjoyed your autumn posts; this is my favorite time of year too.

    BTW, I just received a sweater knitting kit! I'm usually too cheap to order full kits: I tell myself I'll shop for yarn bargains, which means (a) I never get around to buying yarn, or (b) I don't buy enough of it to finish a project. This time, I've armed myself to follow through, hurrah! Now that the indian summer is tapering off, I'm definitely ready to navigate a cardigan pattern.

  3. The Daria seems like a dream bag. I'll have to check it out to see if it passes the LIRR commuter test - pockets, structure, easy access! I especially love the lanyard so my keys won't get lost in the bottom! :)

  4. Sandra - thanks for the comment! I can't wait to hear about your new bag as well.

    M Ng - good pockets are a MUST! Yes, I basically have a weekend bag just to be able to use all of the ones I own. Plus, being that Coach bags are an investment, I'd like to to keep them nice for as long as possible. If I don't take them to the grocery store, I don't have to worry about grocery schmutz on them. ;) Ooo, I'd love to know more about the knitting kit. If you'd like to do a guest post, you know how to find me!

    Sheila - If you go to the website, you can read the reviews of the bag - many of the people who own it are commuters. There's a new bag on the site that looks promising too, though there aren't any pictures of the interior yet.


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