Guest Post: Imy's Dream Day

As part of the Philofaxy All Stars Blog Tour, the lovely Imy has written a guest post for me:

My dream day would be as follows

I would wake up in a huge bed with my boyfriend (no I don’t want Brad Pitt, just my normal boyfriend) then go over to my beautiful white French make up table and put my make up.

After doing my make up I would walk in to my huge walk in wardrobe and probably create an outfit out of Vivienne Westwood and All Saints clothing, pick up my Mulberry Alexa and stuff her full!

I would then walk downstairs where my PA would great me and tell me all the appointments in my Filofax (which I would of written in), as I would be owning Filofax, and would be the person to choose what designs get made competitions and everything.

I would have a meeting first with the leather company as we would be designing the Barbie Filofax, it would be so beautiful, would be some really soft smooth Barbie pink leather, it would look lovely when aged and would not get colour transfer.

We would then go for a meeting at the design board, for making the new sets of inserts for the Barbie Filofax and also the ones that have been created from one of my Filofax designing competitions, in which Philofaxy readers would get the chance to make some new inserts, and would win a day at Filofax headquarter, where they would get to see their design made and also choose a Filofax and all the inserts they wanted for it!

I would then have a two hour lunch where I would go to Chanel to buy a bag for myself and my PA, and we would go and get a lovely lunch at the Ritz!

After lunch I would go and visit the two main flagship stores and see how they are doing!

We would then go on to looking for new places to open up other Flagship stores around the UK, have one in every Capital City of every county in the UK, they would have such beautiful shops and only the elite would work for them.

I would choose who to hire as I am the only person in the company who can tell who has the passion for Filofaxes which I had and who will really sell them to people!

Once my day at work was over I would go back to my house and see my boyfriend and we would have a lovely dinner made, he would tell me about his businesses that he set up because of my billions of pounds!

After dinner I would go and make a Youtube video about the latest Filofaxes to put online and organise a Press conference with my PA to which most of the Philofaxy people would be invited!

And after such a busy day I would then go to bed and have a lovely snugly nights sleep with my kitten lying at the end of our bed!

Thank you, Imy, for this wonderful description of your dream day. The only thing I would ask you to add to this is to open a Filofax store in the U.S. and hire me as it's manager! ;)


  1. Yes you can be the manager of the US shop which State are you in, and whats your closest city? hehe ;-) xxx

  2. Yay! New York State, closest city is New York City. Woo hoo!

  3. Lovely post, Imy! Send me an application to be your PA, would ya? Thanks :)

  4. I'm glad I found you, kanalt, after you moved your blog address! I would hate to miss any of your posts :)

  5. Thanks, Aspire. I'm glad you found me too! ;)


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