The Coffee Addiction: A CNBC Special

If you’re not familiar with the US television network CNBC, I highly advise you to take a look.  Aside from headline news programs, they often have wonderful news documentary-type programs.  My husband and I have seen many great shows and learned quite a bit: “The PixarStory,” “As Seen on TV,” “The eBay Effect,” “The Facebook Obsession,” “Inside the Mind of Google,” “The Oprah Effect,” “Supermarkets Inc.,” and others.

The latest show is “The Coffee Addiction.”  This is one of the better news programs we have seen.  The show goes behind the scenes of the coffee industry, discussing not only America’s obsession with coffee (the US is the most caffeine-addicted country in the world), but also inside Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee, and other coffee companies.  But what’s really great about this show is how they also go behind the scenes of how coffee is made, from the farmers who grow it to the process by which the beans are cleaned and prepared for public consumption.

In the particular instance that it presented, one Seattle coffee brewer travels to Peru to meet with a coffee farmer.  Together they hike to the family-owned coffee farm, harvest the beans, and prepare them for shipping to Seattle for resale.  You’ll even see the two-month journey of the beans.

It is a very interesting look at the coffee industry as a whole.  Most of the coffee drinkers out there probably don’t even realize the long and arduous process the beans take just to make one cup of coffee.  If you’re a coffee lover and have access to CNBC, I highly recommend the program.

Do you live in one of the most caffeinated cities?  Findout.


  1. I'm going to have to check this special out, thanks for sharing! I just can't get over that the entire list is in the Western part of the US. With a Starbucks at every third intersection in NYC (I have 1 in my building and one across the street), I can't believe we didn't make the list!

  2. Ah, but Seattle seems to be the coffee capital of the world! ;)

  3. They are as yet to make the programme 'Filofax Obsession' then....

  4. True! And it very much needs to be made. Maybe you should pitch the idea to them. We could all be featured. ;)


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