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…A classic concept of “put-together-yourself” products.

A while ago (probably about a year or more), I had mentioned somewhere in the blogosphere that I saw what appears to be a Filofax in the 2010 Ikea US catalog. Now that I have a scanner, I can show you:

Obviously, the page is meant to showcase the furniture, but my eyes fell immediately on the planner on the right side of the desk. (I kept this catalog all year so that I could look at it whenever I wanted to.)

It’s hard to tell from the picture exactly what kind of planner it is. However, my guess is a Filofax. Here’s a close up:

If you look closely, you can see the signature Filofax cream-colored tabs along the side. The thinness of the binder leads me to believe it’s from the slimline range, a size I have never seen with another brand. I can’t determine the model of the binder. The closest I came up with is a Pocket Slimline Topaz, but I’m not sure that this is right. The picture looks like the binder is more of the classic slimline size (in other words, the personal). Does anyone know?

Featuring a Filofax in an Ikea catalog really brings to mind the idea of “putting-it-together-yourself.” In both cases, you are supplied with the materials, but it is up to you to fashion the pieces into something usable for you—in terms of the Filofax, you make it what you need it to be with the proper inserts and layouts; in the case of Ikea, it is up to you to determine how to put the pieces together properly by following those ridiculous drawings called instructions.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with the Ikea brand.


  1. It looks a lot like my red Cuban Slimline Personal. Not sure though.....

  2. Well spotted I will check the European catalogue to see if they also feature Filofax organisers.

    I agree with your assessment though I would also say it was a personal size, too bulked out for a slimline though I would have thought?

  3. Nickynic - Hmm. I hadn't thought of a Cuban. Could be...

    Steve - It does look bulky, though to me, if you look at the rings, the binder looks more tapered there, so that's why I thought a slimline. If it is a slimline, it's very stuffed - I don't know how you'd find anything!

  4. It's a slimline. The ring mechanisms a dead give away. Not a pocket, too tall. Pictures are not clear enough to determine the model and it's a plain making it harder to identify.

    By the way, I like your compact. It's sleek and clean, like Ikea!


  5. Savannah - I agree with everything you said, though I wish the binder was easy to identify. Oh well. We'll just have to live with the ambiguity.

    Thanks, in regards to the compact. I'm really enjoying using it.


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