Vacation Goodies!

“Vermont—What happens here stays here. But nothing ever really happens.”

If you’re anything like me, you can’t return from vacation without some goodies to enjoy once you’re home again. I don’t buy tons of stuff, and while I buy a few things for a few select people, I don’t buy something for everyone I know—too stressful! But this year, I feel like I came home with a ton of stuff.

So what did I get?

Click on the Flickr link to see details.

Just a few comments on my purchases:

Most of the items were purchased at the Vermont Country Store. Each year, we trek to one of the stores. As their motto states, they truly are “Purveyors of the Practical and Hard to Find.” They have everything from clothes to toys to beauty products to kitchen wares to food (though I have yet to find chocolate covered bacon, so maybe they don’t carry everything). We also bought tons of cheese, as we do every year, though that’s not seen in the picture.

Every year since we’ve been going, I have eyed their canvas tote bag. This year I went out on a limb (ha!) and bought the thing. I have so many bags, I didn’t really need another. But this is canvas. It’s sturdy. It’s big. It’s from Vermont. (That was my main reason.)

Sorry the photo is a little dark.

You can see how large the bag is.

I don’t have a specific purpose for this bag. (I usually can convince my husband of a bag purchase if I have a specific use for it, but surprisingly, he didn’t argue in the least with me on this one. I guess buying the bag is cheaper than moving there—ha ha ha.) My main use for it will be to use it for whatever, whenever.

The coffee and the mug are things I always purchase while on vacation. (I’m thinking of starting a new post series, “Things I Love.” If I do that, I will explain both the coffee and the mug in further detail.)

As I mentioned in the Flickr notes, I bought a number of postcards. I don’t usually, but I have a mini-project planned for these cards. Once that is up and running, I will do a post on them as well.

Every year, we all buy new t-shirts and wear them on the way home. Cheesy, maybe. But it’s a tradition we all like to partake in. I’m wearing mine as I write this, wishing I could return today.

Ah well, one can dream...


  1. Glad you had a good time :D And man, I'd love to try a cup of that new coffee with you!

  2. Thanks Rori! You can buy the coffee through their website. Maybe one day we can have a Skype coffee meeting. ;)

  3. great looking goodies! In the photo of the inside of the Vermont bag, what is that other bag I can see on the right side of photo? Is it some LL Bean bag/backpack? I love the hibiscus pattern!

  4. Thank terriknits! Yes, the other bag is my duffle bag for my clothes. It is LL Bean (great guess!). Here's the link (mine is the Cobalt Aloha):
    I love this bag - it's so sturdy, carries a lot and tough!

  5. Glad you had an excellent holiday! I love buying mugs! :)

  6. I LOVE your quote..."what happens here stays here...but nothing ever really happens". Reading that made me snort my tea right out my nose!!

  7. What, no chocolate covered bacon??? What good is it?

    J/k. Love that bag! You could fit LOADS of bacon into it! ;D

  8. Millie - Thanks! I'll have to do a post on my mugs some time in the near future.

    Yvotchka - That seems to be Vermont's motto, as it's on a lot of their souvenirs. But the "nothing" is why we go.

    Laurie - Hmm, a bacon bag. Great idea! I'll have to cover the inside with Saran wrap though - helps to keep the bag from getting greasy.


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