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Nothing new has been going on with my Malden lately. I feel like there should be, like I want something to be going on with it. I have to say that since getting the Malden, I don’t have that longing for a new binder or to revamp it much. Lately, however, I’ve been thinking of downsizing again. Not so much to a smaller size but to a thinner version of what I have. While I love big, fat, stuffed binders, for me, the less I carry with me, the easier it is to carry. I truly wish Filofax made a binder (other than the one they do, and I forget which one it is) whose ring size is somewhere between that of a slimline and a personal. And make it a Malden. In many colors. And throw in better inserts. That’s not so much to ask, right?

I’ve been looking at the Flex to see if it’s something I could work with. They don’t offer a daily diary layout, so that is a problem. But, maybe I could get away with a weekly, get one notebook for all of my lists and projects, another for my food and exercise log, use the jot pad for shopping lists, and get a contacts book for phone numbers. But really, with all of that, I’m back to the thickness of my current Malden anyway. So, it’s not really worth it. Plus, I have yet to see a Flex product in person, and for the price, I’d prefer to see it before I spend the money. I’m still thinking of getting one for work though… We’ll see.

It’s now mid-July, when I usually order my next year’s inserts. However, Filofax US does not yet have the 2012 day on two pages inserts. And so I wait… But honestly, I don’t know how long I can wait. I had my first 2012 event pop up the other day and I have nowhere to write it down. Can you imagine? And now I have the wandering eye. After having read this and seen this, I have been on the Franklin Covey website poking around. However, I have already been this route—we all know how that turned out. So what am I doing?

Impatience will get me nowhere. I have signed up to receive an email when the Filofax 2012 2PPD inserts are available for purchase. But they better not wait too long, else I might end up purchasing from another’s website…

In the meantime, there has been a lot going on in cyber space that I would like to highlight.

Last Friday, Nan discussed using a Filofax for garden planning. This couldn’t have been better timing for me. Just the day before this was posted, my husband and I were discussing our four little plots of land that we own and can cultivate any way we like (we live in a townhouse/condo and so only own the strips of land on either side of our sidewalk in the front and the patio in the back). Neither of us is a gardener, though my husband did plant a few things last year. Some of it has come up very nicely this year. The trouble is, we don’t know what any of it is. My suggestion was to look at some gardening books, see what we might want to plant, remove what’s there and create something new and extraordinary. To keep track of what each thing is, I suggested using graph paper in an A5 size—we could do an actual drawing of our spaces and mark what each item is. It would be housed in our family A5 Finchley. Perfect place for such a thing. We have yet to embark on this little adventure, but maybe soon. I will write a post on it when it’s complete.

Speaking of graph/grid/quad paper, I came across this post highlighting Post-its sticky grid paper. I haven’t seen these Post-its in my local office supply store, but you can bet that I will be keeping an eye out for them, obsessed with Post-its as I am.

And speaking of Post-its, I got an email regarding their new pocket products. Just imagine what you could do with one of these puppies in conjunction with a Filo. I will be on the lookout for these too.

That’s all the news that fit to print on my Filo front. Maybe once I actually get a chance to check out SNARLing’s videos (here and here), I’ll come up with new Filo ideas—I hear they are great! Check them out if you haven’t already.


  1. You totally need to check out SNARLing's vids. THEN you will want to muck about with your ENTIRE Filofax...
    Maybe I shouldn't have watched them :D
    Stupid Filfoax, they get you all hooked, (like any quality drug dealer) then they don't put out the goods...Good luck w/getting this figured out.

  2. OMG, those Post-it pocket things are to die for! Funny isn't it how once we "sit with" our current planner system for a while we get fidgety, even if it is working! I am feeling the same way to be honest.

    And some changes on my job front/added responsibilities also have me toying with digging out my old beast of a FC Classic. Which would therefore require insert purchases.

    And of course some Post-it Pockets!!!!

    Take heart...at least you're not alone in your restlessness : )

  3. I feel exactly the same way about my crimson personal Malden! Love it so much that I just sold all my other filos, & just transferred over all the contents as they were from my Kendal.

  4. Rori - I am hoping to get to those videos TODAY! I will make the time, skipping meals if I must. ;) Seriously, what's up with Filofax holding out on the goods?

    Yv - Aren't they? I've got to find them. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this issue. No one else but people in this community would understand.

    Anita - Wow! I don't know that I would go so far as to sell the rest of my Filos. Most of them do hold a purpose though, whether they're being used for a project or just housing extra inserts or archives. Good for you!

  5. thanks for the mention k! i've not been feeling my best hence i haven't finished these video posts and really, no hurry to see them. they'll be up forever.

    i also got those graph postits - awesome. i cut mine in half though so i could use them in the filo.

    it's the dog days of summer - i don't want to do anything really but lie on a beach somewhere...with my filo in my hand - compact chameleon by the way. kinda want the compact osterly now, but it's pretty pricey...whatever, back to beach image...gonna go get a cocktail...

  6. No problem SNARLing - Rori couldn't say enough about the videos so I'm sure they're great. It's next on my to-do list, after writing another post. Question about the compact - did you get that in the US? I don't recall seeing any compact sizes on the website, though it's been a while since I've checked. Is it personal size with smaller rings?


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