Jewel of the Filo

Not to be confused with Jewel of the Nile.

Reader Dasha came across this little gem and emailed me about it. Luckily, I subscribe to Real Simple and was able to find it quickly enough. Found in the current edition of the magazine, this is an advertisement for Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combos. Apparently (according to a brief glance at the advertisement), singer/songwriter Jewel carries these in her bag. Currently, there is a contest where one can enter and Jewel’s bag and selected items in it.

So what is in Jewel’s bag? Look at the ad and see yourself:

Did you see it? Did you spot the most awesome thing in her bag???

Ten points to anyone who can name that Filo. (Sorry I don’t have anything more to offer you—I would offer the exact Filo if I could.)

If you read the fine print in the contest rules, you will see that it’s a chance to win “Jewel’s purse and selected items in it” and that “Prize items for illustration purposes only. Actually prizes may vary…” So I wonder if a new Pocket Blue Piazza Filofax is included. Somehow, I doubt it, but one never knows. Should anyone enter and win, please do inform us.

Just a side note: Since Oscar Mayer has a Wienermobile, wouldn’t it be great if Filofax would follow suit and get a Filomobile? It could be square-ish, shaped like a Honda Element of sorts (maybe skinnier), with the rings on the top of the car. And rather than doors that open out, it could have doors attached to the rings that open up, like the DeLorean. We could have all of the offerings come around to our houses like an ice cream truck! How much fun would that be???

Happy weekend!

**Note: I am in no way affiliated with or getting kickbacks from Real Simple Magazine, the Oscar Mayer Company, or Jewel. I am merely excited over the Filofax sighting.**


  1. a Filomobile would be AWESOME! Great idea!

  2. I think I saw that ad but I didn't realize it was supposed to be Jewel's bag! I'm guessing the Filofax is some kind of pocket Finsbury?

  3. Terri - maybe I should pitch the idea to Filofax. ;)

    Kate - I believe the Filo is a pocket Piazza. I know in the US it's no longer available, but it might be available in other countries, if you want to look at an "official" version.

  4. Loving the Filomobile idea! I did just get a pre-owned newish personal Piazza in blue on Ebay for cheapy cheap. The leather is nice, but the Classic or Malden is nicer imho.

  5. Sandra - Looking forward to your review of the Piazza. =)


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