What’s In My Bag: June 2011

One of my Twitter followers requested that I do another “What’s In My Bag” post. I thought I’d wait until my new glasses arrived so that I could discuss both at the same time.

If you read my first post in the series, you know that for work, I’m currently using my Coach “Maid of Honor Butter” bag, as seen here:

However, I have changed my weekend bag to reflect more of a summery feel (at least in my mind). I am now using my LeSportsac Medium Travel Tote. I forget the name of the pattern, but it’s one that is no longer in circulation.

This is a great bag, as I can stuff so much into it—everything I need to carry and then some.

The contents of my bag haven’t changed much since the first posting.

Back row: Filofax Personal Black Malden, current book (We Thought You’d Be Prettier: True tales of the dorkiest girl alive by Laurie Notaro—a fun summer read), Starbucks Via instant coffee (regular and decaf), iPod Touch, Vera Bradley business card holder, Eclipse gum, new glasses/sunglasses (depending on which I’m wearing and which are stored in the case), Uniball Jetsteam pen. Front row: LeSportsac Cosmetic case (to carry all of my personal hygiene stuff), Coach wristlet (carries all store cards and coupons), and Coach wallet.

I am so excited to have new glasses, as the other ones were getting old and yucky. Plus, it’s just fun to get new specs.

Top: new glasses; Bottom: old glasses

Here’s another view of them:

Left: old glasses; Right: new glasses

If I were brave enough, I would show you what they look like on me, but this will have to suffice for the time being:

That’s what’s currently in my bag. Come July, I’ll be switching work bags, so look for another post in the series then.


  1. I LOVE that lesportsac pattern. If you figure out the name, let me know so I can stalk it online!


    PS - yey for pics in the post!

  2. Blogger wouldn't let me upload more than one picture at a time, though other people can. But i added the pictures first and that helped. I did check eBay for the pattern name but didn't find it on the first 10 pages. But I'll keep looking and let you know!

  3. Love the Coach, but the lesportsac is perfectly summerish. I love using little bags and such to store the myriad of crap I feel compelled to carry everywhere. Thanks for posting, and I look forward to seeing a brave, eyeglass-wearing photo in the future. Maybe?

  4. Thanks Sandra. Yes, it's easy for me to switch bags because I keep all of the "little" stuff in in a small bag. As for the glasses picture, we shall see. ;)


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