Knitting Binder

You may recall from the New York City Meet-up post that I bought a Personal Grape Domino. I am using it as my knitting binder.

I have been knitting for almost four years. I would not say I’m good, mainly because I have yet to branch out and create something other than a scarf or blanket. I tend to stick to “flat patterns,” as my friend calls it. I don’t often have time for knitting, though I’m getting better about make the time. But I thought a binder (specially a Filofax) dedicated to the cause might help me expand my horizons a bit more.

Here’s a tour:

My tabs consist of the following:

  • Resources - shops, websites and books 
  • Patterns - currently empty but I will add any patterns I am interested in here 
  • Supplies - yes, a list of my supplies 
  • Projects To Do - a list of projects I want to do and the name of the person the project is for 
  • Projects Done - a list of completed projects and the date of completion 
  • Photos - a photo or two and description of the project, including the pattern name and the book or source from which it came, and the yarn I used for the projecBehind my Resourcestab, I have two top tabs (Avery products): Stores and Books. I keep a list of local and non-local (places I visit often) knitting stores and a list of books I own, as well as a list of books I don’t own but may want to refer to again at a future date. 
Behind my Supplies tab, I keep a list of all the supplies I own. I have been known to run out and buy something I already own, simply because I didn’t know I already owned it. This way, I can check my list before running out to the store. My list includes the various needle sizes I have and anything else I use when knitting.

I decided that it would be a good idea to take pictures of my projects, especially the ones that I do for someone else. It’s always nice to look back and see what you have created. I also wanted to know what pattern I used from what book and what yarn I used for the project. So I note all of this information with the photo behind my Photos tabs.

You can see why I had the Grape Domino in mind—it goes very well with my main knitting bag. I do have other bags for certain projects, but this is my main bag and the bag where my knitting binder will live. For Christmas I got a Dooney & Bourke Duck bag. I love this bag but it’s not practical for everyday use, so I put it into use as one of my knitting bags. Currently, it holds myin-progress project, a scarf I’m making for myself. It doesn’t exactly go with my knitting binder, but oh well.

So that’s my knitting binder. It was fun to have a binder to buy during the New York City Meet Up. More importantly, I had a specific use for it, so my husband couldn’t get mad, right?


  1. I have a knitting binder. Finally. I have been knitting for ages but it has only occurred to me that I need a way to keep track of what I made, designed and where I found that great pattern book that I can't quite remember the name of. It's a DayRunner 8.5 x 5.5 that was cheap (yet not ugly) a WalMart. My tabs are:
    projects - this is for completed projects and includes ball band, sample of yarn, where I bought it, pattern used including any modifications and who I made it for
    patterns - self-explanatory
    books - this is mostly borrowed books (from libraries, etc) with title & author but also a note on any patterns I liked and where the book lives so I can find it again.
    notes - scribbled ideas for patterns or projects usually including some indecipherable diagram and lots of crossing out; a wish list (I need a swift); books I see online or in shops I want to check out - that sort of thing.
    And for graduating from scarves - hats. You can knit them on two needles and stitch them up. Need a pattern?
    (everytime I try to use my Google account to comment on Blogger it tries to make me sign up for a blog, hence the anonymous at the top)

  2. Love your post! I have an A5 Domino as my Craft-o-fax as I do various crafts! They are great with the amount they can hold! Have you joint Ravelry if you are a knitter? Find me if you have, shaza1974, and if haven't, why not! Lol!

  3. Sounds lovely. Will you share you knitting projects on completion of them?
    I love craft filofaxes. My absolute goalstandards are Sharon's lovely craft o faxes. They are amazing.

  4. Beverly - Your knitting binder sounds lovely. Eventually I will graduate to more exciting things. I'm actually going to order a monster kit (for stuffed monsters) and try that. I will let you know when I'm ready to move onto hats. =)

    Anonymous - Thanks! I recall your Craft-o-fax. It's wonderful! I have never heard of Ravelry. I will definitely look into it.

    CP - I will share my projects. I have been wanting to write about a blanket I made for my niece, so I will do that. I did do a few projects that I never got pictures of, but they were simple scarves. No special patterns or anything. Coming soon!

  5. How wonderful to see others using a binder for knitting projects. I have one too, but it is not any of my filofaxes. I have most of my projects on Ravelry as well (strickmuse) and the notes I take are alterations that I make to a pattern or ideas to a design. And yes, it is also very helpful to list all the knitting needles and sizes to avoid double purchases.

  6. Another Ravelry user - I must look into this! It is very helpful to know what I have, especially when they're in different places with different projects. Hopefully a written list will help me avoid double-buying.

  7. Oh wow. I have no words for how awesome this is, or how incompetent it makes me feel...haha.

    No WONDER my projects languish unfinished in a plastic bag--they need a DOONEY & BOURKE BAG to live in!!

  8. Thanks Rori! Don't feel incompetent - it took me TWO years to finish a blanket for my niece. She was 6 by the time she got the BABY blanket. It's way too small for her to use as a blanket. But being the creative kid she is, she made it into a pillow case, laying it on top of her pillow. She doesn't sleep without it.
    As for the Dooney & Bourke bag - YES! You need one. ;) There is an outlet near me. Some time, when you make it to New York, we will go. Hee hee. My sister-in-law got it for me as a gift, and being the bargain hunter she is, I'm sure she found it on extra, extra clearance.


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