A Day of One’s Own

Not to be confused with A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf.

Every once in a while, one needs their very own day, a day to whatever they please without having to check in with anybody else. I had such a day today, and as I knew it would be arriving, I planned for it. I spent all last week thinking of things to do. I came up with a few ideas and put them in my planner.

The day didn’t go exactly as I planned, but I was able to get in most of what I wanted to do, so I would say it was successful.

It started with breakfast in bed.

A decaf non-fat vanilla latte and a multigrain bagel. Yum!

Then, I headed out for a drive, stopping in one of my favorite towns to peruse the shops. I did go into a couple but didn’t buy anything (can you imagine?). I did get myself a cup of coffee though.

At noon, I met my best friend, my sister and my niece for a lovely lunch.

For the afternoon, I had planned to read, nap and then watch one of my favorite “summer” movies. But that didn’t happen. I ended up helping my sister with a small project. I did get a nap in, but the reading and movie will have to wait until tomorrow.

I can’t wait to sit here—my latest acquisition--and read my book.

Though, I might end up just looking at the view.

However, Malden got his chance today.


Hope your day was just as lovely.


  1. Holy moly, is that your backyard? And if so, I'm up for adoption immediately...I won't even try to sit in your fantabulous chair!
    Glad you had a lovely day!! xx

  2. Rori - it's not MY backyard. We live in a condo, so it's common grounds. But yes, it is the view from my back patio.

  3. Yay! Even thought you didn't get to do everything you wanted, I'm glad you had a day for you!!!

  4. Thanks! I am getting some of the other stuff done today, so that helps.

  5. Glad your birthday was your own. Great chair, btw. Cannot wait to see how those retractable FriXions bring you joy. :)

  6. Thanks Sandra. I can't wait to get them, use them, and write about them. Soon!

  7. ooh, love the retractable ones. I just got the point (0.5mm) version of frixions yesterday in 7 colours and I am loving them, a must have for every filofax owner. My filo looked a bit drab but now looks lovely with all the colours. Hope you love yours just as much, would love to see the retractable ones in the UK.


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