What’s In My Bag: Spring 2011

Gentlemen, you are excused from this post, unless of course, you have a burning desire to know what’s in my bag, in which case, welcome!

Caribbean Princess asked me to do a post on what I carry in my bag. Being the lovely royalty that she is, how could I refuse?

So here we go:

I change bags every season. I wish I had the time and patience to change it every day—Lord knows I have enough bags to actually do that. But I figure a season is a long enough period of time for me to use a bag before getting tired of it and wanting to move on. For each season, I have a work bag and a weekend bag. All of my work bags are from Coach. My weekend bags vary, ranging from Vera Bradley to LeSportsac to Timbuk2 to Lands’ End.

Currently, for work, I am carrying my Coach “Maid of Honor Butter” Bag. I received this bag as a gift from my best friend when I took on the utmost important role of maid of honor when she got married. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened this gift. It’s beautiful—buttery, creamy leather on the outside and a bright pink interior with tons of room. Since her wedding was in September, and I consider this to be more of a spring bag, I didn’t bring this puppy out into the world until the beginning of May. This bag has so much room, there’s still tons left over, even after I’ve filled it with all of my daily items.

Which brings me to the next discussion: what I actually carry with me on a daily basis. Since the photo is peppered with notes on what each item is, I won’t bore you with the details here. But as an aside, what is in my bag doesn’t change much. If I’m going to New York City or away on vacation, the contents might change. But overall, on a day to day basis, these items stay the same.

On the weekends, I pretty much still carry the same items with me. I usually leave my book at home, unless I’m going somewhere I might have time to read. My Malden usually comes with me as well, unless I’m going somewhere I’m sure I won’t need it. If I have a special outing (wedding, dinner, etc.), I might switch bags altogether, probably a wristlet or a small evening bag. (But that’s another post.)

My spring weekend bag is a Vera Bradley tote. Not only is this pattern very springy, but it’s also retired and so makes this bag a collector’s item (sort of – eBay has tons of Vera Bradley items). This bag also has lots of room, which I need in the spring—it provides space for that light sweater I am sure to need in the evenings.

One other item of interest is my pencil case. Also, a retired Vera Bradley pattern, this is where all of my planner pencils, colored pens and colored highlighters live. I don’t generally carry this with me (I have an extra set of colored pens at work), rather it sits on my desk at home. However, this bag is small enough to fit into most of my bags without issue.

I hope you have enjoyed the Spring 2011 installment of “What’s In My Bag.” Since there has been a lot of buzz on this topic lately, I will discuss it again when it is time to switch to my summer bags.

The anticipation!


  1. Oooh, love pocketbooks! You own such pretty pieces!

    I love Coach stuff (pocketbooks, wallets, wristlets, agendas, accessories (key chains, sunglasses, scarves))! One day, I'll do a Flickr set if you will!


  2. Yay I loved this! The both bags are lovely. It is not easy to get those brands here. Your Malden looked very special too. And black goes with everything.
    Mr Moose is so cute. Where did you get him from?

  3. I love this bag, it looks so elegant and sleek and the hot pink lining is just fab!! I do love peeking at other people's handbags almost as much as I do peeking inside their filofax!


  4. I love seeing what's in other people's bags! And I love love love your Coach bag. I like the sound of buttery soft leather; that's when you know you've got a good quality item!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Aspire - I've been meaning to get all of my Coach bags on Flickr. Just haven't gotten there yet. But, definitely!

    CP - We have a Coach outlet near us, which of course is dangerous. Plus, I'm on their email list so I get coupons every once in a while. Those two combined, I can usually get good deals. I don't buy Coach bags at full price - ever.
    I acquired Mr. Moose years ago. All I can tell you is that he came from Maine - where exactly, I don't know.

    Loulou - I'm not much of a pink person (it doesn't bother me, but it's never a color I choose) but this inside of this bag is lovely. It goes very nicely with the creamy buttery outside.

    Angela - I have another Coach bag (which was my first) that I've had for a few years now and it still looks almost brand new. I'm not really hard on bags though, so that could have something to do with it. But I do find that Coach is good quality.


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