Top Tabs!

The other day, I was at my local office supply store when I came upon these. They are Avery Note Tabs, mini size. I was very excited when I found these. I already have the small size in use. But the mini ones are perfect for top tab use. I’m sure they could also be used for tabs along the side of a binder. I use the Filofax blank tabs though, so that’s how I came up with the top tab purpose. I bought three different packs because they each had different colors. And as anyone who has read this blog long enough knows, I love to color code my items.

I am now using these tabs in my Happiness Binder. I was using Post-it Labels tabs. These are still great, but I was not able to color code with them, so the Avery tabs are a better choice for me. I now have certain items color coded based on the tab the live behind.

Behind my “Yoga” tab, I have certain practices labeled with the green tab. My notes for anti-anxiety are marked in blue, behind my “Calm” tab. The “Gratitude” tab holds items marked in purple. Notes behind my “Happiness” tab are marked with yellow.

My excitement at finding these was so great, the first thing I did when I got home was to set this up. I used my label maker to create the text for each tab. (You can see that some are quite crooked and need to be trimmed a little, but at least it’s neat!) I have other uses for these in mind and I’m looking forward to getting to those mini-projects.

In the meantime, for anyone who is interested in top tabs (or side tabs), I highly recommend these. They are sturdy, stick well and of course, come in an array of colors.


  1. Have you used Post-it Durable tabs (

    How do the Avery tabs compare in thickness/durability? Also, the post-it durable tabs come in these convenient plastic packs of three (I store them in my filo credit card holder) - are the Avery tabs all separate?

  2. I find that these particular Post-its aren't easy to write on, though the package says they are. Maybe you need a special pen to do it. The Avery Tabs are slightly smaller in width but they're just as durable and about the same thickness. Each pack is a set of four and they're all attached to a paper backing, so they're grouped together. The entire group is a square though - they will probably fit a credit card holder if it's a sideways pocket, but if it's a vertical pocket, it might not.

  3. Nancy kindly send me some of these Avery Mini tabs and I'm a big fan ever since. They are very sturdy (thus don't get bent that easily), can be written on with an ordinary pen and stick really well. I use them as top and as side tabs. Haven't found them yet in NL, but will keep looking!

  4. I'm surprised I haven't seen these before now, but I'm glad I came across them. I really could use them for just about everything, but I don't know if I want them all over my binder. But of course I'll have to test that theory. ;)

  5. They look great. I wish they were available in the Netherlands. I use the post-it durable tabs on the side to create subsections in my filo, and that works too but it isn't as goodlooking.

  6. What I like about these tabs is that they're small. Smaller, I believe, than the Post-it version.


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