Filofax Retailer: A Review

For those of you keeping track, I went to my local Filofax retailer today to see what they have in stock. First, let me say that I must be an idiot. It seems as though this store has been carrying Filofax items for a while. I don’t know why I never knew this. But there it is.

With that said, I have to say that I was a little disappointed at the selection. The lack of items could be due to the fact that they are awaiting their 2011 refill supply. Thus, I was unable to purchase anything for next year. They had plenty of 2010 items left, but all at regular price. Perhaps they will go on sale when the new shipment arrives. All other 2010 calendars seemed to have been marked down (At-a-Glance, Day Runner, and the like).

The selection of non-dated inserts seemed okay, though a little sparse. I’d like to think this will also be replenished when the 2011 items come in. I did buy the only 3 Day Planner page packs they had left. This is one of the items I was after, so it was worth the trip out there.

As far as the binders go – what a poor selection here. There were three—count them, three—options to choose from: a Pocket Sunflower Piazza (no longer available on the US or UK site, it seems), a Personal Saddle Cuban and what I recall to be a Personal Guildford (though, don’t quote me on this – I’m drawing a blank with the third binder). Again, I’m hoping that a better selection will arrive soon.

The sales person could not give me an exact date of when the new items might arrive, though she did say “soon.” Because I’m impatient when it comes to my planner needs, I might have to go ahead and order my 2011 refills from the Filofax US website. Orders over $55 get free shipping – this means of course that I will need to spend over $55 to make it worth my while. Bummer. I don’t know how I’ll manage that one.

My overall review of my local Filofax retailer cannot be completed as of yet. I will have to go back in a few weeks to see what the selection is like after they’ve received their 2011 shipment. It seems as though their stock is pretty low this time of the year. I don’t know that it will be a place I’ll visit often, though if I need one or two packs of something quick, it’s definitely worth the 30-minute drive out there. I’ll probably end up spending in gas the same amount as I’d pay for shipping on an order under $55, but at least I wouldn’t have to wait. And as we all know, this is a hardship for planner die-hards like us.

Of course, I will post my final review when I go back in a few weeks’ time.


  1. Crap : (

    Those Day Planner pages rock though, so score there!

  2. My own version of the Day planner is slightly different no notes on the reverse... easily revised though! See here:


  3. Hi Kanalt...I'm not sure where you go, but I know of two shops that carry a very small supply. There's a shop on the south shore that is going out of business and I know they carry filofax (The Write Stuff) also in Stony Brook village. I went there last year after losing my filo on the airplane, and they finally agreed to a bargain on a 2009 calendary (in August 2009!).

  4. Michele, this particular one is in the Hamptons. Is the Write Stuff on the south shore and in Stony Brook village, or are they two separate stores? It stinks that the one is going out of business...

  5. The Write Stuff is in Merrick and the store has a for rent style but looks like they're still doing business for now... The store in Stony Brook village is separate. I've bought supplies at both - not a lot to choose from. I heard the Huntington Office Supply store has a good supply.

  6. Ooo, Merrick is too far for me - I'm never out that way. I've heard the place in Huntington has some things but I have yet to get there when they are open. I will need to visit there one day, the same with the place in Stony Brook (what's the name of that store?). Thanks for the info!


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