Filo Surprises

The other night, I was on the Filofax USA website marking 2011 diary refills that I will later purchase. As I do every so often, I wandered over to the Find a Retailer link to see if any retailers in my area carry Filofax products. In the past, I have not been so lucky. This week, however, I found a little surprise – a privately owned store in a town about 30 minutes from where I live is listed as carrying Filofax products. I don’t know how long this has been so, but I’d like to think it’s a new thing so that I don’t feel bad about having missed out on products so close to home all this time.

I promptly proceeded to enter the store’s name into Google to see what was available. They had no Filofax listing on their website. Bummer. In the hopes that the Filofax USA website wouldn’t dare lie about such things, I emailed the retailer. And the reply: “Yes, we have a good line of Filofax…” Yippy! I was so excited I had to email a friend or two to share in my joy (incidentally, I got no support from my husband who only shared a smack of his head and an eye roll, though he did say he’d take a drive with me to check it out). I also hopped over to Twitter to tweet about my news where I immediately received support and excitement from fellow tweeting Filo friends. I can hardly wait to return from vacation to see what they offer.

In other news, my new Guildford Personal arrived today! Many thanks to Greg for sending it to me – his dislike of the binder is my new-found love. I can’t wait to move into it. Upon my return from vacation I will post pictures and a little something on the blog. I plan on taking it on vacation with me, so I should have a thing or two to say about the use of it.

Upcoming vacation! New Guildford planner! Sipping a Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade to celebrate these wonderful things. It doesn’t get better than this.


  1. Yay!! I'm really happy for you and hope you'll be able to visit that store as often as you like. I must warn you (or your husband )though: once you go in you won't be able to leave in less than ten or fifteen minutes, all depending on how wide their selection is...

    Oh and did Greg tell you why he disliked the leather?

    You know you can always count on us to listen and give you any advice and support, not only planner related. ...
    But notebook related as well!! (HAHAHA kidding )

  2. Life is good girlie! Live i up : ) This is all AWESOME! Can't wait to hear all your post-vacation stories!!

  3. Oni - This is my fear (and my hope!), that I won't be able to get out of the store in a timely manner.
    I believe Greg explained in the post entitled "System Overhaul."

    Y - I hope you won't be disappointed in my vacation adventures - nothing exciting happens, though we do have fun. (The motto on a t-shirt I have says, "What happens here stays here, though nothing ever really happens.") However I'll be sure to document anything truly exciting in my Filo.

  4. I love when I have the chance to give something to a friend, especially my new friends. Just so happened that I had a Guildford, I wasn't fond of and Kanalt was looking for a Guildford. PERFECT!!
    Feels good to know I made someone happy!
    Next?? LOL

  5. Don't tempt me Gregor

    Kanalt: LOVE that t-shirt!!! LMAO!! I'd say a trip to the Filofax store is exciting (and I'm sure there will be a good story about how your hubby does while you floating around in there like you're in heaven : )

  6. Yes, that was our theme last year. I can't wait to report on my Filofax store trip!


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