Post-its Note Tabs: Product Review

During a recent trip to my office supply store, I came across a new Post-it product – Note Tabs, which, oddly, is not available on their website, nor anywhere else on the web that I can tell. I bought two sets of these – one for home and one for work.

On the back of the product, there’s a website for the product, but I don’t see the product anywhere on the site. Also, there’s a list of ideas for product use: Binders, Planners, and Paper Piles. I hope to find a use for these labels in my planner somehow.

At work, I am using them to keep my project files nicely organized. I use a manila folder for my projects and use the labels where the tab is on the folder. This way, I can use the folders over and over and use the labels to let me know what the folder is being used for. I use a different color for each project (they come in blue, green, pink, and yellow). So on the tab part of the label I write what the project is (example: Book Discussion). Then on the lines of the label, I put the information regarding the project (in this instance, the title and author of the book and the date it’s to take place).

When I find a planner use for these lovely little gems, I will be sure to post it. =)


  1. Which store did you get these from, they look very useful.

  2. Oh, these Post-Its are great, I'd like to have it :)
    But I've never seen it, maybe it's new?
    I'd have to look for it in our atationary shops.

  3. I found these in Office Max (in the US), but maybe any office supply store might carry them. I had never seen these before either - I just happened to find them with the regular Post-its note pads. It's odd that they are not listed on the Post-its website, nor the Office Max site. I hope they are just very new and that's why - I'll be very sad if they are taken away.

    I hope you both are able to find them near where you are.

  4. I tried a similar tab from Avery, and it was fantastic! The tabs are *very* firm and would probably work better on a divider than a regular sheet of paper, but I loved their bright green color, and unlined format.

  5. Ooo, Kristihern, these look great too. I'll have to keep these in mind if I can no longer find the Post-Its version. I might have found them on a whim since they don't seem to exist online as far as I can tell. I'll have to keep my eye out for both products.


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