Notes In Use

In my last post, I reviewed my latest organizational tool purchase, the Post-Its Note Tabs. At the time, I had found a use for them at work but was looking for a use for them within my planner.

I have found one.

Obviously, they will be used for notes. My first use is to keep track of items that I want to look for when my friend and I venture to New York City. The purpose for our trip is to visit the stores that carry Filofax items. She received her first Filofax for Christmas so this trip will be very exciting (though I think I might be slightly more excited than she is). I thought these note tabs would be the perfect tool to keep my list organized.

I also have used the Filofax Jot Pads for keeping additional information for an event or appointment. I have a lot of these sheets and will continue to use them as well when the occasion calls for them. But the Post-Its Note Tabs are a better choice when needing to access the list or information often. The raised tab sticks out of my planner, allowing for easy viewing and access. I know this list will grow as we get closer to the date of our trip, so this is the perfect tool for easily adding to the list.

I can foresee that these little note tabs will become very addictive. I can also foresee the possibility that they just might take over my planner…