Address Book

Among my two Filofax binders currently in use, I also have a black Domino binder set aside for household items – things that need to be addressed, various information, business cards, and personal addresses. Mostly, this binder is used as a full and complete address book.

While I have emergency phone numbers in my Slimline, the Domino is where I keep the address and phone number of every person I know (at least the ones I would send cards to or call). I use the Filofax letter dividers (two letters on each divider), which help me keep all of my contacts organized. I have one sheet for each letter of the alphabet, unless there’s a need for two sheets. However, I do not have individuals in alphabetical order within each letter. Even if I were to set it up that way, once I had to add someone to the list, the entire page would need to be revamped and I don’t have time to do that every time I add someone to the book.

But I have come up with a way to eliminate so many cross-outs when people move. I have printed each individual’s address and phone number on an address label and put the label directly onto the Filofax address sheet under the corresponding letter. If someone moves or their phone number changes, I will cross out the old information and put the new information directly onto the label. This list gets updated every December when I get ready to mail out Christmas cards. At that time, I check my address book and note any changes, update the document of labels on my computer, print a new label and place it over the old one. I haven’t had too many instances of this yet, but should the time come when my page(s) get too many new labels tacked on to old labels, I can simply print out new labels for the entire section and create a fresh new page (maybe at that time I can alphabetize the individual entries like a good organizer should).

Having the list on my computer as well as in the Domino may seem a little redundant, but it makes addressing Christmas cards a lot easier – once the master file is updated, I simply do a mail merge with my Christmas card address labels and away we go! (It has been argued by some who receive our Christmas cards that the labels remove the personalization of hand-written envelopes, but at such a crazy time of year, anything that makes my life a little easier is the better way to go.)

Also in December, while updating any necessary addresses, I go through my cell phone and home phone to see if any phone numbers need to be updated there as well. This way, my contact list and phones are sure to be updated once a year removing the chance of old information that is no longer relevant.