Upromise for Filofaxers

For anyone who isn’t familiar, Upromise is an organization that helps you save money for college tuition. (From what I gather, this is an American company – I don’t know if there is a similar organization in other countries.)

From their website: “We’ve partnered with hundreds of America’s leading companies to create a rewards network for Upromise members – whenever members buy something from one of our partners, they receive a portion of their eligible spending back in the form of college savings.”

Individual merchants are not the only companies associated with Upromise – restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, travel websites, and others are as well. There are over 500 merchants associated with Upromise. As I understand it, different merchants contribute a different amount of savings towards your account. They also run deals every once in a while, offering things like free shipping if you spend a certain amount or if you buy something specific. You may also find an increase in contribution amounts for a limited time. Individual products also help to contribute – so when you’re at the grocery store and pick up an eligible product, this also puts money back in your college savings.

Once you have created an account through Upromise, you can register your current credit cards and your store cards (Stop & Shop or CVS card, for example) that will help you earn rewards – the more you spend with participating merchants, the more you save. There is also a Upromise credit card that allows you to earn something on everything you buy, regardless of whether or not a product or merchant is associated with the company. In your user profile you can pick and choose your top 15 merchants and be notified via email should a special come up from one of these merchants.

Filofax (USA) is a participating company! Currently they contribute 4% of your Filofax spending back to your account. They also offer free shipping on all orders over $55 (though this is usually available on the main site as well) and free shipping on any orders containing a new organizer.

I don’t have any children as of yet, nor am I planning on going back to school any time soon. In light of this recent discovery, this is a disappointment – think of how much money I would (and could have) put aside for college while purchasing all of my Filofax goods!

And this would be a perfect excuse to keep stocking up on new planners.