Ringing In the New Year the Filofax Way

Happy 2010!

Today, to ring in the New Year, I did a lot of lounging around, a little driving, some organizing and reorganizing.

Of course I put my new 2010 diary pages in my planner. But I also went through everything currently in there – all my lists and whatnot and rewrote them. I eliminated everything that was old and updated those items than needed it. I feel better and more clear-headed for having done this.

I also want to try something different for 2010. For the past few years, my planner consisted of appointments, notes, to-dos, and deadlines. But beyond that, I didn’t keep detailed information for how I spent my day. I know where I was and the items I checked off that were completed, but I didn’t keep track of how I felt, if I added a quick trip someplace, important things that happened at work, etc. Thanks to Laurie’s entry at Plannerisms, I think I will keep more detailed lists of how I spend my days, a more journal-like account. I do have a journal where I write my feelings about certain things, and major events that have happened. This wouldn’t take its place. Rather, it would just be a more detailed account that my week-on-two-pages doesn’t allow room for.

A while ago I bought Filofax’s Personal Day Planner pages to use when I needed more room for my daily activities than my current pages would allow. But I rarely have more general appointments and to-dos than will fit the week-on-two-pages, leaving the day planner pages unused. After reading Laurie’s post, I thought I could use these pages for the detailed information. I don’t know how this will pan out, only because this will require more writing, more details, and recopying of information that is already on my current pages. But it’s something new to try and I will see what happens there. Of course, if it does work out, then I will need to purchase more of these sheets.

I like the daily planner pages for their layout and how much room they have – they have three sections, one on top of the other: appointments, a to-do list, and a “don’t forget” section. Plus, on the reverse side, you can add a full sheet of notes. I have considered using these sheets as daily sheets (to take the place of my week-on-two-pages sheets) but was turned off from that because of the one feature I don’t like about these pages – they have no date on them. You have to fill in the information yourself. I need my calendar/planner to have the dates and holidays already in place. If I have to look at another calendar to add that information, it’s not worth my time. So my possible use of these sheets for detailed daily activities just might work out.

I will post an update when I know whether or not this will be a permanent fixture in my Filofax usage.