All Christmas activities have come to an end for me and my family. The past month has been a whirlwind. Actually, everything since the summer has gone by way too fast. The fall is my favorite time of year and it’s at that point that everything just flies by. One reason is because of all the fun fall activities we engage in, and then come the holidays, which is always a busy time of the year. It seems as if almost every weekend from Labor Day to New Year’s Day is filled with one or more activities. My Filo is very busy and very colorful with all those plans (I use different colored pens for different activities – more on that in another post). And after all of the running around, the staying up late to get everything done, and the last minute details of all things Christmas, I am more than happy to have some time to myself. I look forward to the quiet and the mundane that the first weekend in the New Year brings.

But with this, comes the dismantling of the Christmas tree, the putting away of holiday decorations and new gifts. This depresses me somewhat, even though I enjoy the quiet just as much as the bustle. I love all four seasons when the time comes, but it seems as though January, February and most of March (and sometimes April) are dreary and depressing – cold, windy, stay-indoors weather. And not much goes on during these months.

One way I find to combat this seasonal depression is to make sure I plan some events that I can look forward to. And this is where my Filo helps me a great deal. I can look at the months ahead, see what weekends I am free from work, and plan some fun activities. This year I have the following already in mind:

1. My husband and I are thinking of having some home improvements done – little projects but necessary ones and for these, I will use our household Filo (currently a black personal Domino) for the planning, the budgeting, contact information, and other items (paint samples, perhaps).

2. We are also thinking of making a day trip to New York City – a nice dinner and whatever else we feel like doing. We go every once in a while and it has been a few months so I am excited. I will more than likely use the “Projects” section of my Slimline Guildford (my every day planner) to jot down some ideas and places to go. Hopefully we will get to some stationery stores to see what’s new and available in Filofax land (if so, a review is sure to follow!).

3. Some time near the end of February or the beginning of March, I will have a new niece or nephew, so of course that is something to look forward to. There isn’t much I can do to plan for that event except to write in the date of birth and name of the baby (which is always fun). I am thinking of planning a small brunch for my sister to celebrate (this is her second child, so a baby shower is not necessary), the plans for which will also go in the “Projects” section of my Filo – possible restaurants or if held at someone’s home, the menu, the guest list, possible dates and times.

I will hopefully come up with other ideas as well to take me into the spring, making me forget about the cold, the wind, and the darkness of winter. Some of these ideas also include my New Year’s resolutions (post to follow in a day or two on those).

After your holiday rush (whatever holiday that may be), is your planner quiet for a while, or is it just as busy as any other time of the year?